Elle Belle, Ella, E, Eloise, E-B, Ella-Boo, Elle all turn 9

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If your hand is empty, she will fill it with hers. If your arms are open, she will curl up into your space. If something, anything, is going on, she will be there to record all the info, and ask a million questions, and of course give her opinion on the matter. She wouldn't dare miss out.

All the details, the precision, the time and effort. These are the things that Eloise fixes over. She takes so much care in what she does, she plans it, worries over it, thinks on it and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Eloise is still such a force of nature, she is loud, her presence is always known wherever she is. But she is also so sensitive, and caring and thoughtful. She can have conversations with teeny tiny babies, all the way up to those who have been on this earth for nearly a century, soaking up knowledge from all ages in-between. She doesn't discriminate, her caring nature yearns for her to be close to someone most of the time. 
When she is not glued to someone or something, she is knee deep in her books, reading under the duvet with a torch, or writing out lines and lines of timetables, or lists, or names that have some sort of meaning to her. 
She is a collector of things, each shiny or dull little trinket having some sort of magical connection. She is beautiful in both the obvious way, and also on such a deeper level. Her need to nurture others is beautiful, wanting to care and make sure everyone and everything is OK. This sensitivity is such a delicate gift to have, and yet she is so strong and brave! Her clumsiness sees her flying through the air over things that surely cant be there, and I see her fall to the ground time and time again. Grazes, blood, bumps, she scrunches up her face for a brief moment, and gets herself up again. Brushing herself off, and reaching for my hand to tell me she's OK (the blood running everywhere would suggest otherwise). 
Not wanting to be a bother, and yet sometimes being exactly that as she needs to be with those she loves and needs to ask a thousand questions when we already have all the information we need. Her happiness depends on the happiness of everyone else, she will constantly be checking to see if the people in the room are happy, to see what their reactions are, what they are saying, most importantly- do they know she is there. E HAS to be on the forefront of everyone's minds. She finds it very difficult if she isn't, and will end up clowning around or saying something completely random to shift the focus back to her. Her love of performing extends to her Performing Arts class, where she is learning how to use some of her skills in a more positive way. There's singing, dancing, and her most favourite, acting. She sings around the house in her deep voice, most of the time in tune, most of the words wrong, but full of joy. She can be so SO loud, though recently has found her quiet switch and can flip this on for a brief interval.
Her heart bursts with happiness when she is involved in group activities where she has an important role. She loves playing field hockey, and despite sub-zero temperatures and winds likened to hurricanes, she was thrilled to have played her first ever match. Her smile said it all, as did her super intense bear hug. Claiming the weekly trophy at her last session, her cheshire grin could clearly be seen underneath the icepack she held to her eye.
We love our Elle so much, she is such a sparkly human being with huge amounts of love to give xoxox
Happy birthday E-B 🌷


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