LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023: Blog en-us (C) LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023 (LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) Sun, 17 Mar 2024 11:49:00 GMT Sun, 17 Mar 2024 11:49:00 GMT LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023: Blog 120 80 Ella- fourteen and then some... Enter centre stage- Eloise. Louder than life, arms outstretched and gesticulating wildly in every direction to emphasise the story. Which there always is. A story. ‘Because basically, yeah, you won’t believe what happened’…

Something so small and minute and yet it rolls, balloons, spins, into some embellished story that by the time you’ve told it, we don’t actually understand what it is you were talking about in the first place. But that sums you up to a “T”, making everything larger than life, because that’s who you are. You draw the eye; you make the mundane exciting. You are, as you pragmatically put it, ‘NOT vanilla, but ALL the flavours.’

Marching your way through cadets, ironing your uniform perfectly and polishing your boots until your beady eyes can sparkle back at you, it seems in a way a contradiction to who you are, to be taking orders and standing in line so still. But I think this is you harnessing your inner power, and also you working out how to get to the top. Already on the major’s radar of the entire battalion, with that sparkle in your eye, I’ve been told a few times that they are ‘keeping a watch out for you’ with a fond smile as you have been known on occasion to dictate your own orders to the lesser stature cadets, or suggest alternative ways of carrying out an order. This does indeed appear to be a theme with you, with higher authorities knowing who you are, you are certainly not a wallflower. You volunteered selling poppies and got a mention for your talent of upselling everything and anything to raise extra funds, bringing the total to over £3,000 in one day. Fearless and bold in asking for donations, with your cheeky smile that’s irresistible to say no to. And you are so hard to say no to, so persuasive with your charm; that’s why dad calls me the worlds biggest marshmallow. Not because I have eaten too many, but because I am such a softie when it comes to you and your requests that I just find it super hard to say no. How can I when you turn to me with those pleading large blues and give me a rare cuddle? I can’t say no. And you know it. It's one of your superpowers, teamed with my biggest weakness, you could probably get away with anything.

I had to drop your consent form at school for your vaccinations, the form that you had hidden from me for weeks until I had an email from school. And then ‘whoopsie forgot’ to take it in on the day it was due. At reception as I handed it over the receptionist saw your name on the form and her face lit up, ‘I know Eloise well’ she said with a sparkle in her smile. I wasn't sure if that was a positive or not, especially when you tell me how booooring school is and how you cannot WAIT to get out of there and 'seriously mum I don't get why I have to go, can I just leave and do something else instead? Ugh I am seriously going to leave there's just NO POINT me being there...'

Electric in every sense. Full of energy, making the room buzz, making the house shake with your noise, squeals, laugh, shrieks, and banging as you throw yourself around and bumble off things onto the floor. Electric-tempered, with your quick anger, your feisty resistance, the hair flick, the lightning-fast retort, the anti-touch withdrawal. It keeps everyone on their toes. Since you were little this electricity has been called ‘passion’, ‘strong-willed’, ‘determined’. A trait that has certainly made the start of these teen years a difficult one to navigate, both for us and for you. It's an arduous journey and one I find increasingly hard. Those rare snippets in time when I get a cuddle and a chat are those that I cling to fiercely. The door slamming in my face, not so much. I know these up and down waves will pass with time and settle. I often find myself knocking on the door, opening it, seeing a sea of clothes and very little of the floor, and think I’ll just close that door. At first, I found the mess hard to deal with, especially when you were once so neat and pristine. I’d find myself compelled to tidy up or at least make the bed, but then I read something one day which really hit me hard. I’d rather open this door and be greeted by a sea of mess, then to open the door and find it empty. I find myself thinking that my time with you at home is getting shorter and shorter, and speeding up at an alarming rate, and I’ll hold on to those huffs and puffs, those, ‘Mum you have NO idea’, the messy room, the door slamming, the tantrums. Because one day I know my whirlwind of a daughter will be creating a hurricane somewhere else, and I will be heartbroken when that day arrives.

But for now, I embrace all of you, you fill my life so much and I know your life will be big, grand, flamboyant, wherever that may be (I hope not too far but you’ve already told me it’s between California or Portugal- because the latter is ‘tax free mum’).

Keep being amazing.



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) eloise family portraits fourteen teenager Sun, 17 Mar 2024 10:16:17 GMT
Level 12 How do you get more delicious each year? I didn't think it would be possible from the days when you were a fluffy haired, giant-eyed, smiley little bub to this morsel of a boy who just gives the best hugs ever. You are my bright little shining star who just fuels the electricity in the house with your constant talking and noise-making, arm flapping and general launching of yourself off of every piece of furniture and/or person.

An incredible year with you at the heart of it. Your giant heart is bursting to the brim with kindness, and your ever-searching sponge of a mind is a vortex of chaos and wonder that I am in awe of. I adore hearing about your day with its stories that merge reality with imagination. Your words are full of colour and life, and your face just lights up as you spin them endlessly into stories, facts, fiction, even daily recounting of events. I love hearing about the tales of the Movie Toy gang with its courageous leader Pineapple Head and the sticky encounters they find themselves in. Your drawings have so many layers to them, I love pouring over them and finding all the intricate hidden details (some ghastly creature being spun to its untimely death by some robotic 9-legged spider with varying weaponry at its tenterhooks).

You have a wicked sense of humour and often have us all in fits of giggles, though you enjoy making yourself laugh the most. We can always hear you somewhere in the house, a never-ending source of noise and energy. You've found a love for music of every genre, and blast this through your radio as you focus on your lego making, and more recently your Warhammer creations. You've loved opening up your mind to the world of Orcs and Tyranids and creating detailed battlefields and fortresses graffitied with blood, gore, and goodness knows what other horrors. Your face lights up and you giggle as you describe the scenes in detail.

Despite your love for all things gross and boy-like, you have a wonderful kind heart. Creating a sensory board for your vision-impaired friend was top of your list of things to do over the Christmas holidays, asking me for string, seashells, foil, anything that would tickle the senses. It brings you so much happiness to bring joy to others and I couldn't be prouder of you. I love how you take yourself away to create board games, marble runs, illustrations, plasticine monsters. Your creativity is boundless, I love watching you explore this and am so excited for what your future holds.

This year has been the start of upper school, and you proudly wear your blazer adorned with all your badges and your stripey tie. You are still my little boy, though I can see a glimpse of what the next few years have in store. You have active roles within the school, taking care of the lower year students, speaking up on various councils, and running your own art club. Thursdays are still your favourite day when you have lunch with the head teacher, but every other day is also up there as a top day as you still love school so much. You tirelessly strive to help others and are often found guiding someone in need.

I often catch myself thinking "How are you mine?' and count myself so lucky to have you. You enrich my life so much, and have made me a better person. You are so good and pure, and I love every single ounce of your being so much I think I might even explode. xx

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The 15 year old So 15 has leapt around the corner at an alarmingly fast rate, and instead of the small, blonde twirly little pixie, there stands taller than me my greeny-blue-eyed dark-haired beauty of a daughter. You smile devilishly at succeeding me in both height and foot size, though this doesn't stop you from borrowing some of my clothes (and I have pinched the odd cardi or two from you!). You often permanently 'borrow' my stuff, which most of the time aggrieves me but every now and then it does make me smile. I know that if I can't find my foundation, or hair straighteners, or mascara, it's most likely on the floor in your room or lost forever in the depths of all the chaos.

The teen years are harder than I thought they would be. So many times I just want to scoop you up and make everything easier, but with you trying to find your own path my outstretched arms are thwarted. As much as it pains me, I know that this is just a journey you are taking to discover who you are. My heart lights up on the rare occasion when you reach out to me still, and every moment I do have with you I treasure. Even our quiet, sometimes sullen, car trips to school. I know that one day I wont be taking you to school anymore, and it makes me just want to spend every moment I can with you. I know that inside, you are still twirling with thoughts and emotions, and when I reach out and squeeze your hand and say I love you, you say it back.

As quiet as you are, you can also erupt and be loud and giggly, larking about with Sonny and Elle, or shrieking with laughter as you gabble away on the phone. After deciding to take a break from gymnastic competitions, the relief has been obvious and it's been lovely to see you more relaxed. You still spin endlessly around the room, even after a 4 hour gym stint, but it makes me smile.

Your never-ending talent for art is a wonder and it has made me so proud to see your beautiful watercolour art adorned on people's walls. You've done custom creations for so many different people and every one of them has been overjoyed with what you have created. Your room is typical of an artist, all disarray, canvases splayed all over, paints laid out on the floor, endless glasses half-filled with paint-stained water. I often find you upstairs, sat on the floor, earphones on, painting away at some new creation. Some of them light and airy, but mostly they are dark and beautiful.

Our discovery of St Ives has awoken a light inside you, and seeing your entire face filled with your beautiful smile is enough to make us want to pack up everything right away and move down by the sea if it guarantees your happiness. You are a fish in the water, effortlessly gliding and commanding the waves on the bodyboard as if this is where you were meant to be. Exploring walks along the coast and being away from all the distractions gives you the opportunities to be carefree.

You will always be my little girl, and I am in awe when I look up and see just how beautiful you are, and what a wonderful young woman you are becoming. I get excited when I think of how bright your future is, and how you can achieve anything. I hope that you find the confidence and self-love that you are searching for, it pains me to see you so hesitant and unsure of yourself. I know this will come when you're ready and when it does the world wont know what's coming, for you will be unstoppable. We just need to help you spread your wings so you can fly.



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 15 daughter happy birthday the teen years Wed, 31 May 2023 07:15:30 GMT
The second teenager You are just the brightest soul I know, ever. I'm sure you leave a trail of glittery fairy dust behind you wherever you step. My heart is so full of the light you bring, I swear it's going to burst into a million stars.

You have always had such an energy about you, and you are starting to harness it and use it towards all things good. Your energy for life is infectious, you embrace everything with a full heart, and your door is always open to anyone. I love so many things about you, but your radiating love just encompasses me. Your entire face tells a story, and you love re-enacting every moment of your day, your friend's day, the lunch ladies' day, you just love everything about everyone.

Your passion to tell stories has blossomed, and you are such a wonder on stage. Screen plays, stories, poems, you want it all. I was so proud of you up stage at the MK festival of Arts, the second year you entered yourself with some friends, writing the play, acting it, directing it, thinking it all through. And the judge said how much you shone on stage and your wonderful energy. To get third place, with first and second going to official drama academies is something amazing.

You are so eager to please everyone, and give everything one million percent. You practice your marching for cadets up and down the hall, 'Left, right left right' and you spend what seems like hours meticulously ironing your uniform to get all the creases out so that you pass inspection. Even if you turned up upside-down and inside out they would still adore you there as already you have positioned yourself as a favourite.

You love being with people, and you are so much fun to have around. I love snuggling up with you in front of the telly, you commentating on everything we watch, so much so that we end up missing the plot. Yet you utilise your time alone to organise your room, read books, make beautiful revision notes, and cut out endless photos of friends to stick on your wall.

I'm wondering when you will grow into your long noodle arms and legs, and I know one day you'll come bounding down the stairs and will be taller than me.

I cannot believe you are now 13, I will always fondly cherish the little chubby blue-eyed doll you were and all the mischief you caused. You have always been so sure of yourself, and so determined. I am so proud of you and know that your future is blindingly bright and beautiful because you will be in it. You are as mad as a box of frogs, but so kind and gentle. You can be the loudest person on stage and also have the softest heart. You are just you, and I wouldn't change a single thing. xx


(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 13 a day in the life of ella daughters growing up teenager thirteen this is 13 Thu, 16 Mar 2023 18:43:46 GMT
Sonny chapter 11 Double one's!! It's been another year bursting with love for you and watching you grow into a bigger, more amazing version of you.

Every day I am so keen to hear about what's happened at school, I love how much you love being there. It's one of your safe spaces and you are so loved by all. Most kids would be thrilled to have the school closed for a burst pipe or the heating not working, but not you! Your little chin crumples, and your eyes go wide, and your brow furrows, and you are just so very sad if school is closed. Which always makes for an interesting summer... I think if you had your way you would stay there forever. You are a Favourite. A Star Pupil. Actually, you've already been awarded student of the week more times than I can count, are on the student council, though you aren't too sure what you're involvement is, and you now have a shiny new badge as Kindness Ambassador. You take great pride marching in the hallways and directing students to their classes, or helping someone in need. On our recent education plan, you wrote in the "What I want to be in the future' section quite specifically- 'When I am 17 I will be a TA, and when I am 25 an illustrator'. When questioned further about where you would be a TA, you replied, "I will be a teaching assistant at my school, of course'. Of course!!! I don't think they will ever let you go- and nor would you want to! You took your role as Postman Pat in the Christmas performance most seriously, and whilst your school peers gleefully ran around in joyful chaos, you delivered your role studiously and without mistake. Seeing you so confident and happy at school is such a huge turnaround from all those years ago, and every single day I whisper a quiet thank you to that amazing school.

Your limitless creativity overspills into your drawings which are becoming so detailed and your characters taking on more complex forms. You will disappear for hours upstairs with your new desk space which allows you to fully embrace all aspects of your art, and you present later with a full-on detailed drawing involving teeth, someone running away, and normally Pineapple Head in the corner. We are always wowed by your pieces. You adore creating board games full of evil twists and turns which makes you cackle with glee when one of the players (normally dad) is sent to their doom, so close to the finish line too. You delight in making all of the character pieces, drawing out the board, filling it in with monsters, slides, instructions, cards. You name it, it's all there. Your whole face lights up with joy as you explain the game to us, and we can't but laugh at the genius of it.

You still love trying new foods, and we love going out to restaurants now as we know you'll be OK with the food choices if given enough notice. Surprisingly, mussels with spaghetti makes you jump up and down with excitement, or anchovies and olives smothered over your pizza (yuck!). Your favourite lunch for school is a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Where did that boy go who lived off of beige?? You laugh at him now and say "remember when all I ate was nuggets and chips' Oh yes I very much do, how could I ever forget that time.

One of the best things we have done this past year is visit St Ives and take ourselves to the water! Donned in wetsuits and armed with bodyboards, we have all had such a blast. Your determination to master the bodyboard is relentless, and you strive to keep up with your sisters. You try so hard at everything you do, to the point that you are beyond distraught if you think you are unable to do so. Explaining to you that things take time is still an ongoing lesson and a difficult concept to grasp, but I know with your passion to do your best you will be able to achieve anything you put your huge sponge of a brain to.

Your need for routine is obvious, and you have mastered this yourself. Obeying all screen time rules is a dream for us as you switch your ipad off at 5 and take out a book, unlike your sisters who hide their screens away thinking we have forgotten. Your wake up call at 6:30 every morning. Even on the weekends, with a "DAAAAAAAD!! HAVE YOU FED THE DOGS?' Sonny- it's Sunday, go back to bed!

Sometimes our wakeups are more dramatic if there has been an incident, such as the cat leaving a mouse somewhere, or something has spilled in the kitchen. I remember one time recently, you screaming up the stairs at an ungodly hour, ‘OH NOOOOO OH NOOOOO OH NOOOOOO IM SORRY IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRY’ Me trying to unstick my eyelids and wondering what time it is as it’s still dark, asking what over and over again. Whats happened?? 'OHHH IM SORRRY IM SORRRRYYYYY!!!' Whats happened? What on earth is going on??? Finally… drum roll… 'I spilled the yogurt!!!!! AHHHHHH and the dogs have eaten it!!'

And I collapse back in bed. Thank the heavens for that I thought the house was burning down. Sweet lord. Time for me to get up, tidy up, and then console a very upset you who thinks the world has flipped on its head. And in moments like these we have to go back a few steps, take some breaths, and remind ourselves what the size of the problem is. And I am also reminded of this incident as I look at the dog who still has yogurt on his face. 

What I'm getting at is every day with you is so unique, there's always a smile or a laugh to be had from your journey that day. Your endless noise making fills the house, and it's so very quiet when you're not here. You fill our lives with colour, light, love, joy. Your little pearls of insight are priceless. I love every moment. Happy birthday sweet boy. xx

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Chapter 14 I see you. I hear you. Not the loudest, not the one that draws the attention. The one shrinking away from standing out. You watch, listen, think. You keep your cards close to your chest, not revealing too much, but when you do it's a rainbow of joy and light. Your talents blow my mind. Your creativity brings me joy, your comedy makes me laugh, your athleticism makes my jaw drop. How can you be mine?

As you tread through these troubled waters of teenage-dom, working your way through friendships that once were there but perhaps now aren't what they first appeared to be, it has pushed you to put yourself out on the line. Those that you call your true friends see all the wonder of you and celebrate all that you do. Growing up can suck, but it can also be full of happy times. I love hearing you laugh as you chase your brother, or chatter away with your sister. I love how you are still working out who you are, but aren't afraid to express yourself in what makes you you.

Never give up on yourself, and never try to fit into someone else's mould. There have been some sharp lessons this year, but I see you rising to the challenge and I know you will come out top.

Your head totally in the gymnastics game as you fly down the track with 5 whips flic double twist to land. I applaud you for finding this place of release, for being so determined, for being so relentless. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are a force to be reckoned with. I am proud of all that you do, you come home with gold medals, silver medals, qualification into English Championships, selection onto the South Regional Squad. Yes these things are amazing, but they only make a small part of what makes you brilliant. These achievements are wonderful, but when you come up to me and give me a rare, surprise hug, well that just makes my heart spill over.

Know who you are, be proud of that, and don't let anyone get in your way. xx



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) beautiful romance Bedfordshire birthday gymnast heartache star teenage Mon, 30 May 2022 14:20:54 GMT
Rich and Emily in Haddenham I don't know where to start with these two. I have about a million things I want to say. I met them last year for our engagement shoot along with their 6 beautiful children. I knew then that the wedding was going to be a very excitable day!

I arrived at Emily’s and immediately was given the warmest welcome. Emily was getting ready with her sister Rachel and her boyfriend Joseph along with 4 of their girls. Emily was in the best spirits, and I haven’t laughed that much in such a long time. I felt so at ease and their energy was contagious.

The ceremony had everyone in tears, including myself. Two of their girls did their own readings which didn’t leave a dry eye in the room. Emily and Rich have just the best chemistry and watching them was to be in the presence of true love. I love everything about Emily, even the fact she didn’t wear shoes down the aisle! Honestly, this made me smile so much.

I know I’m harping on about it, but genuinely the nicest most sincere couple I have met, which was reiterated in the speeches. The love everyone had for these two was immeasurable.

I have so many favourites from the day, but hands down, has to be Emily and Rich gleefully skipping away with me to explore the grounds, where Emily made a bee-line for the barn clearly mid-construction (and probably riddled with a list of health and safety hazards... there were dangling wires!), but she just lifted my heart so much. I spied some conifers in the distance (I am a sucker for trees...) however to get through them meant travelling across a field of mud. Did they bat an eyelid? No. As I nestled them amongst the thorns, thistles and stinging nettles, they were just full of laughs and smiles.

I cannot thank them enough, along with their family and friends, for being just the absolute best. Such beautiful people, all of them.





Thank you Jane at Bradmoor Farm for being brilliant and so welcoming, it was wonderful visiting your venue for the first time!


Venue: Bradmoor Farm

MUA/Hair: Jodie Elleanor

Wedding dress: About a Bride

Bridesmaids dresses: Etsy, Coach

Flowers: Beautiful Blooms, Haddenham


(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) bradmoor farm buckinghamshire wedding family photography haddenham wedding happy couple wedding day Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:31:50 GMT
Danni and Dan finally get married at Cruck Barn! Ahh it's been an adventure for these two!!

A cancelled wedding in Cyprus due to the pandemic, a small intimate wedding last spring, a new gorgeous baby girl, and finally, the big celebrations on April 1st!! What a lot of planning and replanning for these guys! I'm sure they will say it was worth it all! I loved meeting these two last year for some photos shortly after they had a very intimate wedding service back when no one was allowed to go. We wandered around the canal in Campbell Park and all the daffodils were out and it felt like summer! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and a very brisk blue-skied day for their wedding. We did find some daffodils, and also had some snow! It really was a buzzing day!

Dan and Danni were such a fun pair and embraced everything on their wedding day! The barn looked beautiful done up in fairy lights, with beautiful flower arrangements by Georgina from Jade Flower Boutique. We managed to go for a little walk in the woods to the stream which was stunning, and came back just in time for fish and chips and Krispy Kreme donuts. My kind of heaven!

Glorious and glorious all over. Thank you both for being such stars and for the warm hospitality, I felt very loved xx



Venue: Cruck Barn Bradwell Abbey

Flowers: Jade Flower Boutique

Dress: Belle En Blanc

MUA: Sophie Duffy

Hair: Donna O'Dell

Cake: Vickys Little Kitchen

(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 2022 wedding bride covid wedding cruck barn wedding groom milton keynes wedding newlyweds spring wedding wedding photographer Fri, 22 Apr 2022 18:56:45 GMT
Emily and Callum at Crockwell I was especially excited for Emmie and Callum’s wedding on the last day of March! During the pandemic, I got myself a little side job working at a jewellers where I met Emmie. It was a really pivotal time for me being there, I gained so much from the experience. But what I loved the most about being there was the wonderful women I got to work with. Emmie's passion and attention to detail at work carried through to her wedding, and it was nothing short of pure gorgeousness. It was wonderful finally seeing the day arrive after hearing about it for so long. I was honoured not only to take some photos of Emmie and Callum, but to also enjoy the day as a guest. Honestly, it was just the best day ever!

The day started off with beautiful blue skies, and there had been rumours earlier in the week of snow which I immediately rolled my eyes at and said ‘no way’. Well, yes way. After a heart-felt ceremony, we all went outside for some confetti throwing and were greeted with blue skies but icy winds! We decided to do the large group photo on the lawns with me dangling out the window (I am always 100% up for this!), but alas!! As most of the guests were waiting it started to snow! And I mean SNOW SNOW!!! It was honestly like being inside a snow globe.

Hands down, such an amazing group of guests for being such sports and embracing the snow. After we all scrambled inside the blue skies returned so we ventured out for more photos, and again, the snow came! It carried on like this all day, but it was truly a remarkable one. I have never had such a contrast in photos from one wedding!! We experienced all seasons!

Weather aside, it was a very special day to be part of, and I am most humbled to have witnessed such a lovely pair get married.

Emmie and Callum, thank you so much for having me, it was the greatest xx

Venue: Crockwell Farm

Hair: Elizabeth Jane Wedding Hair

MUA: Sophie Duffy

Florist: Bride

Cake: Jamie Bakes Cakes

Dress: Serendipity brides, Evie Young

Men's attire: Slaters

(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) buckinghamshire wedding crockwell farm family photography getting married lauraophotography newlyweds northamptonshire wedding photography snowy wedding spring wedding Wed, 20 Apr 2022 13:36:21 GMT
Natasha and Mark Spring wedding Oh the glorious spring!! Like so many others, Natasha and Mark postponed their wedding day numerous times due to the pandemic, and their wedding day was well worth the wait!

I had such joy sharing a few hours of their wedding day with them, starting off with Natasha getting ready with a household of excited kids, to the beautiful St Mary's Church in Bletchly.

Natasha and Mark had many loved ones who sadly they had lost, and Natasha had little butterflies and photos sewn in to their clothes and flowers to keep them close to their hearts. It was all quite an emotional morning with these beautiful little tokens of love, as well as the build up to walking down the aisle. Natasha was amazing though and was surrounded by so much support and love from her friends and family that she held her own and made it through the ceremony with a huge smile on her face.

The kindest pair full of love for each other and their friends and family. It was a beautiful service and afterwards the glorious sun was close to setting, lighting up the magnificent magnolia tree on the church grounds. After a brisk photo session around the church, I bid the newlyweds goodbye as they drove off into the sunset and on to the party celebrations.

Thank you so much for having me xx



Dress: Wed2Be

Flowers: Bride made

Church: St Mary's Bletchly



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) afternoon wedding bletchly wedding bride groom milton keynes wedding Spring wedding wedding day Tue, 29 Mar 2022 08:09:12 GMT
Elle's big 12 Birthday love. I love how the excitement doesn't wane but just gets bigger and better every year! The countdown, the squeals of joy. The 'I can't wait!!'.

My super kind-hearted girl. With the best intentions at heart and the need to please everyone. You still have that mischievous twinkle in your eye and a huge cheshire cat grin with your little dimple at the side, eyes lighting up when a new idea or thought quickly enters your mind. The need to share that thought is oh so much, and you talk a mile a minute to get every word out as if you are worried you might lose the ability to talk. You love to share everything, from the moment you wake up and recount the dreams you had, to discussing the subjects you'll have at school, then you disappear for the day only to burst through the door at 3:15 and ready to fill the air with your stories of the day. At times I find this distracting when I am in the middle of something, but I love hearing your sweet voice so much, and love hearing everything that you have done.

It seems forever ago when you were in primary school, and now you are a big year 7 and completely in love with the school and every club it has to offer.  Your blazer is adorned with all your pins which you gleefully tell me allows you to skip the queue at lunch time so that you can attend whatever club is happening that day. You are so keen to be a part of everything, and there's not enough of you to actually be able to do it all. Eagerly participating in Sustainability Club, Library Leader, School Choir, Drama, Hockey, Football. I don't know what you are doing one day from the next! You took part in the Milton Keynes Drama Festival with two of your friends and delighted in writing your own play. You light up when you are on stage, and it was a joy to watch you perform. Your group came first, and your hard work paid off. Already you are thinking of plot ideas for next years festival.

You also love taking part in your drama club outside of school, relishing in your big performance at Christmas time, determined not to get Covid so that you wouldn't miss out. You lit up the stage, it's like you were meant to be there.

I can see an entrepreneur emerging in you as you put yourself out there with money making schemes. Making bracelets to sell, and trying to work out the next project idea that will make you money. This is all to fund your way into acting, or if that doesn't pan out you would happily be a writer.

You put 110% into everything you do, your work, your projects, your friendships. You are surrounded by friends all the time, and if you aren't, then you are on the phone, catching up with the latest news. You love being with people so much, something that has never changed.

You are such a darling girl, and your happiness makes us so happy and proud. I love all the time we spend together, I love how you fill the room when you enter, it's never a dull moment with you around. You are just such a joyous person bursting with love and empathy for everyone. You are always on the move, you can never sit still. You must be touching something all the time, fiddling, poking, prodding. Laughing, singing, living your best life. Always the clown, always pushing the boundaries that little. bit. more. We say it often; you will go so far in life. Your passion in all that you do will get you there.

Every day with you is such a blessing. x




(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 12 birthday blossom trees buckinghamshire photographer buckinghamshire photography candid childhood daughter growing up spring photoshoot turvey buckinghamshire Wed, 16 Mar 2022 19:20:48 GMT
Sonny and the two digits The holiest of birthdays. This is it, the one you've been waiting for. The two-digits. What an epic year indeed my little potato! Who has transformed in front of my very eyes! A part from the sudden growing where everything you put on seems 2 sizes too small, emotionally -wow- you have really got a grasp of things.

One of my favourite things that we do that has come from lockdown (all those moons ago...) is us having a family meal together at the end of the day. And I think this is one of your highlights too. You sit at the head of the table for all to hear and see, and talk. And talk. And talk, while we eat. You love being involved with everyone, to the point where you have really pushed yourself with trying new foods. Two years ago, the food favourites were nuggets and chips, pizza, pasta, basically anything beige. But no? Step on over Jamie Oliver and lend us your books! We have a vegetable eater, a "fruit-trier", and your favourite meal- fish pie. Thats right. Prawns? Love them. Noodles? Throw in some chopsticks. Honestly,  180 degree transformation and I could not be happier! 

Your days of turning into the Hulk are few and far between now. What would once cause an explosion of catastrophic events, you are now able to put things into perspective, take some breaths, and only let Hulk's little pinky finger out. You are in so much more control, and this just makes me so happy and relieved. Because for a long time it did worry me. You are such a special, incredible boy, even your teachers are immensely proud of how you have emotionally matured. I even have your lovely Head of School ring me on numerous occasions, to say how proud she is of you (and of course to say how brilliant you are in general!). I hear you in the background, "Hey mum!" as you carry on with a task such as shredding papers.

Your favourite thing at the moment is Marvel, Thor, etc. Your love for knowledge is still at a high, absorbing everything in and reading books a mile a minute. Covid finally caught you, much to your dismay as it meant you had to miss school, which was not cool in your eyes. So we did Maths worksheets, reading, workbooks, you name it. You adore school and are a star pupil. And while we sit with our phones, you whip the calculator out with joy and continue to work out how time is different in Space and delight in telling me how many Earth hours equal so many minutes on Jupiter.

The lego love continues, your entire chubby little face lights up at a new lego set, but you are also beyond happy to sit for literally hours in your room creating your own lego monstrosities. Your love for drawing has also endured, with your incredibly unique confident style. You are just so creative, including the way you describe things. One of my favourites this year - "A slime with eyebrows" when you were describing a slug. 

You are certainly the class clown, keen to make those around you laugh and be happy. You are so sensitive to what everyone around you is feeling, and there's nothing more you love than a good joke. Your big eyes still seem disproportionate to your face and take up most of it, which are so incredibly beautiful it's very hard not to get trapped in them.

My little superstar, I love you so much I just can't contain it sometimes. You are at such a wonderful age and being around you is just the best thing ever. You are so funny and smart, and kind, and thoughtful. You are still my little boy and I just want to keep you that way forever. Off to find you for a squeeze....



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) asd autism birthday childhood family photography lauraophotography tenth birthday Fri, 28 Jan 2022 11:53:48 GMT
Joe + Cat The Great Barn Aynho Wow we all certainly celebrated when Catherine and Joe's wedding day FINALLY came around!! What a long journey for these two! With covid in place, about 4 or maybe even 5 wedding date changes, it was not easy for these two. However, they say these things are worth the wait and in this case that was 100% true!! It was wonderful seeing Joe and Cat surrounded by so many of their friends and family on such a beautiful day. Time got a little bit away from us, and although we didn't manage to make it to the beautiful lakes the venue has to offer, I think what we found was 10 x better.

Cat and Joe, I am so happy for you both that you got your day, it was lush. Thank you for having me there xx


Venue: The Great Barn Aynho

Dress: Ellis Bridals

Hair: Lauren Hayfield

MUA: SJG Makeup Artist

Flowers: Fayes Flowers

Cake: Vicki Carter

Music: Nick Papadopoulos (@nickthepap_music)


(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) buckinghamshire wedding get married lauraophotography mr and mrs photography wedding photography wedding planning Thu, 23 Sep 2021 10:48:01 GMT
Rachel and Rob + Stoke Bruerne + Furtho Ahhhhhhh Rachel and Rob- honestly the two nicest most caring people ever!! It was such a blessing to be a part of their amazing day!! We did a bit of weather watching as (surprise surprise!) there was rain looming over us - my official theme tune is going to be "why does it always rain on me' by Travis. But apart from a little downpour, the day was perfect. Rachel looked beautifully elegant in her dress, and the guys looked razor sharp in their suits. I loved the pop of red that Rachel had chosen, and loved even more that her converse, which weren't planned as part of the day, were red and grabbed at the last minute as a 'just in case'.

Hands down, it was a great night to party, and their guests sure did know how to throw down some shapes. I couldn't tear myself away from the dance floor, it was a blast.

Thank you for having me on such an enormous day xx


Venue: Furtho Manor Farm

Dress: London

Flowers: Miss Lillies Towcester

Cake: Sarah Ginn Towcester

Grooms attire: Empire Outlet

Pizza: Guiseppe's Pizza

Hair: Carla King Hair Studios

MUA: izzymuaartist



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) bride buckinghamshire wedding canal wedding covid wedding furtho manor farm groom stoke bruerne wedding wedding photography Mon, 13 Sep 2021 08:25:25 GMT
Kayleigh and Ash at Horwood House Kayleigh and Ashley got married at the beautiful Horwood House which I hadn't been to for a little while so it was really wonderful to be back there. I had forgotten how beautiful the gardens were!! And was really excited about walking the grounds later after the "I do's".

Kayleigh was getting ready upstairs with her boys and we were keeping our beady eyes out for Ash's arrival in Kayleigh's dad's mustang! There were a lot of stairs to run up and down and in the end I just kept an ear out as I was told I'd hear the car before I saw it! Ash's face was covered in a huge grin as he pulled up outside and all the groomsmen rallied round.

Everyone was really excited and also just brimming with happiness for these two. I took Kayleigh and Ash around the grounds later that evening, and had plans to visit every little corner but a big dark cloud had other plans. Whilst cosy-ing up under a tree, I confidently declared how it wouldn't rain and then 2 minutes later the heavens literally just opened! We ran to the little covered gazebo and after 5 minutes with no signs of letting up, I made a run for it inside the house where I had stashed some brollies. I deffo need to up my cardio game!

The speeches were brilliant, and followed by a little tribute from Jamie Mathias who was just amazing!! I can highly recommend his vocals! He kept everyone on the dance floor that evening. But I think my favourite part of the day- Kayleigh and her dad performing their duo on the dancefloor. I mean, that was just the bees knees to what was already a perfect day.

Ash and Kayleigh, you absolute gems. Thank you for being just perfect. xx



A little shout out to Maid of Honour Amy who was my godsend for the day, thank you thank you thank you xx


Dress- Star Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Beginnings Bridal

Venue: Horwood House

Grooms suit: Milano Courture

Florist: The Flower Company

Hair: Luxe Hair Salon

MUA: YC Make Up

Singer/DJ: Jamie Mathias

(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 2021 wedding buckinghamshire wedding horwood house lauraophotography lets get married milton keynes weddings she said yes wedding day Mon, 16 Aug 2021 13:35:08 GMT
Chantal and Alex at the beautiful Missenden Abbey! So-  lovely Chantal sent me a little message back in 2019 asking if I was available for her 2020 July wedding. And it always breaks my heart to say no but sadly I had to as I wasn't free for their day. But the universe works in such mysterious ways and I heard back from her over a year later saying they had had to cancel their wedding, had lost their photographer, and was I free for their new date? And I was just so excited to say YES!!! I mean wow!

They booked a little family shoot which we did outside on their original wedding day with their family which I thought was the sweetest idea, and then a year later the big day itself at the beautiful Missendon Abbey!

There was a hive of activity all over and so much to do with last minute changes here and there thanks to the pandemic. It was all so emotional and overwhelming as after waiting so long it was all really happening!  We waited up until the last minute before finding out that the guests did not have to wear masks much to everyone's complete relief! Oh what joy!! And everyone was just beaming with smiles as they sat in the beautifully decorated marquee waiting for things to begin. I doubt there was a dry eye in that room as Chantal and Alex exchanged their vows, it was such a mixture of joyous emotions for everyone!

It was clear that Chantal and Alex's family and friends were delighted to be there and be part of such a beautiful moment after such an arduous 18 months. It was just a breath of fresh air to be doing something spectacular and "normal" at the same time. Everyone spent the afternoon chilling outside and playing games, which gave us the perfect opportunity to sneak off and have a little wander around the grounds where we found some beautiful little spots. As I finished up with Alex and Chantal and that glorious light shone through the trees, my heart did a little skip of joy.

The most exciting part of the day for me was the fireworks which were a surprise for the guests! I had a lot of fun setting up with Jon who was filming for the day, and I couldn't wait to get home to see them blown up on the big screen.

Chantal and Alex, you are such a wonderful, kind, thoughtful pair who clearly are adored by everyone, it was a blessing to be part of such a magical day. xx



Venue: Missenden Abbey

Cake: Ice Delights Cakes

Flowers: Woburn Wedding Flowers

Dress: Serendipity Brides

Make up artist: Jema Jakes MUA

Hair: Dolly and team at London Road hair and Beauty

Fireworks: Dynamic Fireworks

Entertainment: Timeless Entertaintment

Chair and Bannister decs: Truly Divine Event Decor

Cake Topper: Artlocke Designs

(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 2021 wedding buckinghamshire wedding covid wedding missendon abbey wedding relaxed wedding photography Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:00:03 GMT
Sadie and Bev @ Eversholt Hall! Well, this is such a treat!! I haven't had the opportunity to blog some gorgeous wedding photos in just THE LONGEST TIME EVER thanks to the C-word. I met Sadie and Bev in November 2018 to talk about their July wedding in 2020 and instantly liking them. With the world turning upside down, they made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding to June this year. As the nation held its breath every time the Prime Minister made an announcement, I could not believe when the proposed date of all restrictions being lifted was just three days after their new wedding date. I asked them what they planned to do, and was just over the moon to hear that they weren't waiting around anymore for what may or may not be and they were getting married NO MATTER WHAT! And do you know, I am so happy that they did! This date was for keeps, and just as well really because the 21st quickly deflated like a whoopie cushion anyway!!

I eagerly met with them 2 days before the wedding for the rehearsal and we enjoyed a most beautiful evening and sunset, but we knew it wasn't going to last. Bev is a huge part of the cricket community and the groundskeeper so he was on the pitch getting the covers ready for the impending rain. It would seem we had used our 2 week summer sun quota and the heavens were on their way with a bucket load of rain. And rain it did. Biblical proportions. But it was beautiful. It did not dampen one spirit, though I did notice Bev looking at the sodden pitch with a hint of grief.

Their day enforced the love that these two and all their friends and family have. It was all just WOW. The guests, Sadie, Bev, they all just embraced every moment of that most beautiful day, and I could not be more happy for them.

You guys finally did it, it was a wet one, but it did not stop the dancing and the love.




Venue: Eversholt Hall

Wedding dress: Gowns and Garters in Thrapston

Bridesmaids dresses: David's Bridal

Flowers: The Flower Boutique UK

Hair: Charlotte Hemel Hair

Cake: Mini Cakes from Sponge

Musician: Tristan Mackay

Bev's suit: Hugo Boss

(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) 2021 wedding bride covid wedding eversholt wedding groom love isn't cancelled milton keynes wedding rainy day wedding Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:42:55 GMT
All the Isabelles I look at you and I see every version of you. Thirteen years have gone by, and I can still see that little girl with the cheeky little smile and the animated face, cartwheeling her way through life. I see the beautiful young woman that you are becoming, quiet and contemplating, keeping your thoughts close to your heart. I also see the goofy care-free clown that you can be, care-free and silly. I see you in the future, breezing your way through life, head held high. I see a strong confidence in you, and it just makes me feel something I haven't felt before. It's unnerving in a way, because on so many levels you don't need me anymore, and yet I feel I need you. You want to let go and just be, and I want to know every thought and feeling, every movement. But these aren't mine to know. And that's something I struggle with because for so long I have been the centre of your world, I have been needed, wanted, sought out. It's wonderful becoming independent, and also scary and exciting. All these things on this ever-changing journey of life. Growing up is such a hard thing to put into words really. It's all things wrapped under one title. Ups, downs, firsts, frustrations, worries, excitement, pride, joy, unknowns, "what ifs". It's exhausting. And there's no map or 'how to' booklet. If there was I'm sure there would be a huge chapter on eye-rolling and the inability to communicate in any form.

Without a doubt though, I puff up with pride when I think of your talents. I am always in awe of the things you do. Your art is such a wonderful expression of your thoughts and feelings and I am excited to see where that takes you.

A year off gym, and you did not miss one single zoom training session. It was no surprise then that on your long-awaited return to gym you were like a duck to water and straight back on that track doing what comes so naturally to you. I ask what you achieved at gym, 'just a double twist' and here I am struggling to reach my toes. You keep your victories and accomplishments close to your heart which frustrates me as I want you to light up with pride at what you can achieve. But then you make me laugh, and also I admire, when you tell me you attempt a triple twist and land on your face. You laugh it off and say it's part of the process. Me? If there was any chance I'd land on my face doing something, guaranteed I wouldn't even try. That takes so much courage which you don't even realise, it's just another shoulder shrug and let's get on with it (is that another eye-roll?!).

As I get older, my view on the world and how we live in it changes. There's this balance to find between trying to impart what I have learned along the way, but also letting you figure things out for yourself. I see you roll your eyes when I try to explain something, this impatience for you to just get out there and sort it for yourself. I just want you to know that when the time comes when you do need me, I will be here always.

If we are to take anything away from us in these last 12, 15, 18 months of crazy, it's this. Life continues to go on regardless. Worries don't get us anywhere. Speak up and be heard, and ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen if I do this? Embrace every moment with every cell in your body, experience life and love, let yourself feel joy and happiness, which will also open up the door for heartache and sorrow. But to live is to love, it's to feel. I don't know if you'll ever know how much I love you, maybe one day if you have a daughter of your own. It's a fierceness that overrides everything and leads to such a mixture of emotions. I want you to be happy, and remember to smile. xx


(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) daughter diamond growing up lifehood mama teenager the wonder years thirteen Mon, 31 May 2021 06:44:24 GMT
My Elle and 11... I've decided that everyone needs an Eloise. I honestly don’t know where I would have been without our Elle during lockdown.

I remember last year on your birthday, going out for our ‘last dinner’ before restrictions came into effect and the whole world seemed to just come to a grinding halt.

It was all rather surreal, and we all reacted differently as we scrambled to adapt to this new way of living. Through it all, you brought the positivity, the hugs, the helping hands (and of course the questions).

I have seen in the last year how much you have stepped up, and I have been so incredibly proud of everything you have achieved in these last 12 months. Your determination to strive has astounded me. You have so much drive and passion, and don’t let anything get in your way.

You have been my little helper, always on hand to help with dinner, the chores, taking care of Sonny. And always with such a smile. I can't even begin to express my thanks for these simple gestures that may seem so small but mean the most.

Your resilience has been unfaltering. On down days, you have still managed to pick yourself up and carry on, often us with you. Giving us your classic big hugs, filling the entire house with your singing, or shaking the walls with your raucous laugh, we have always felt your presence, and that brings so much comfort. You pretty much taught yourself for almost a year,  getting on with your work every day. The first lock down we all thought it would be quite fun home-schooling, but the novelty soon wore off and it was plain to see how much you needed school, your peers, and the praise and guidance of your teacher. You soldiered on though, and I think you have learned so much about yourself on that journey. The tears flowed, but they came with hugs, and your big blue eyes would sparkle through those tears and I could see your inner strength in them. 

The summer months were full of long walks in the fields, picnics on your bikes, a sneaky little trip to France that was much needed to break away from the spell, with the promise of some form of normality on our return. This was short lived, and reality came back with a bump!

Homeschool take 2- you totally owned it this time round. You were there, 8am sharp bright as a button. You eagerly did your work and took photos of it to send to your teacher, delighting in the almost instant feedback she gave you (best teacher ever). You videoed yourself doing news reports. You wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and your creative soul just burst free. You suddenly had a way with words, your descriptions were moving, you connected with your characters. I truly believe you have unlocked a gift. You write from your soul, which is empathetic, full of love, full of mystery, and this is reflected in your words.

For the last 3 years you have asked, and been denied, roller skates. And with good reason as your clumsiness, though endearing, has stayed with you and simple tasks like walking down the road end up with a bruise or scrape of some description. However, it was difficult to say no yet again to that cheeky face and those engulfing eyes, so we (I) caved. This last Christmas, your entire being was brimming with pure joy as you unwrapped your shiny new skates. And all the protective gear that came along with them (we decided bubble wrapping you was perhaps a step too far but the jury still isn't out on that one). Christmas day, freshly out of their box, you had them on. Outside, just the need to be moving. Since that day, and every single day after, you have been out there, rocking those skates, come rain, snow, hurricane, wind, ice, you have not given up. Your sheer grit and determination has pulled off though, and now you glide along, effortlessly, your reward for your persistence. Even when you fall (which still happens as you have a tendency to be too absorbed in everyone else rather than watching where you are going), you pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and carry on. I honestly don’t know anyone as strong-minded. Well, one person comes to mind who you fondly take after.

I love so many things about you, I love how you make everything exciting, you make everything seem so wonderful and amazing. Nothing is out of your reach. We are both so excited for you and your journey into secondary school in the fall, how can that be already! I still look back with nostalgia at photos and videos of this little girl, with the biggest smile and even larger blue twinkly eyes and a mouth the size of an ocean, and I just can’t believe you are not that little person anymore. Instead, you are this beautiful young person, more in control of her thoughts and actions, so unbelievably kind and caring, and just an absolute joy to be around. Your life will always be an event, you create a world of drama around you with you at the core. Each chapter in your life is so exciting and wonderful, and I know you will just lead such a full life with endless possibilities.

I love you more than the moon pulls the tide, you are such a perfect bundle of everything good. Continue to always follow your heart. xx





(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) birthday buckinghamshire wedding childhood photography family photography growing up lauraophotography lifestyle photos milton keynes shes so pretty Tue, 16 Mar 2021 19:38:51 GMT
Nine and you said... wait, wait, wait... does that mean next year I'm DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!! Face palm. Let's do nine first? Kay?

So my excitable little boy!!! Can I just say, with 2020 being what it was, how immensely proud I am of ALL my children for surviving each other and us parents. Lock down v1.0 was not easy. There were a LOT of tears, tantrums, meltdowns (yes these have their own classification as they differ hugely to a tantrum). But this post is not about lockdown, and the crappy parts of 2020, it is about how you, my little super star, have again flourished and exploded with new ideas and energy and life.

During the early months of last year, missing your class and your teacher, you got (even more) creative!! Filming was the way forward, and not just any filming- stop motion filming! Wow what fun that was, and we did some crazy videos, mainly starring your beloved "Movie Toys" as you fondly christened them for the role. This included your favourite "plush toy" pineapple head, along with rex the dinosaur, and a few others that I honestly can't remember their names. These movies delighted your teacher, and when you were able to return part time to school, you continued to explore filming and had just the best time.

It’s been amazing to see how you have been more in control of your emotions, and able to get your feelings across more. I was relieved that although we started discussing Halloween in August (Ohhh myyy), you didn't get flappy about it at all, and were accepting of the fact that it was still many many months away (Christmas wasn't even mentioned until AFTER Halloween.... huge progress!). All light-heartedness aside, this is actually a humongous step forward, and there were cracks as we got closer to said holidays, but wow what an amazing transformation. I do love how, on the weeks when I was being a bit lack-lustre, you created your own schedules so that you were clear on where you had to be and when (home, and home. With stop motion scheduled in, and a hot chocolate break).

This last year you have embraced foods outside the colour beige! Including vegetables! I think now we are up to 6 carrot slices and a family of peas (not to be confused with a crowd). Bananas are OK if they are the right shade of yellow and size, and red grapes are a go! Such amazingness.

Your love for new concepts is expanding, no longer are snakes and dinosaurs the passion, but Lego fills you with joy as you sit for hours until your creation is complete! Spider man and his friends have been allowed into the Movie Toy gang, but you still have a soft spot for your plush toys (as you fondly call them!). You created "Sonema" (=cinema+ sonny time) where we would come together as a family, choose a film and snuggle down with some snacks. You even made tickets for the events. No ticket, no entry. You also came up with a book club! Where we would gather once a month, with our books in hand, and a hot chocolate in the other, to give a recap on what we had read. You absolutely loved it, and it's something we will continue to do. I also adored "Cafe O" where me and dad would put some coffee shop jazz music on, turn the kitchen around into a make-shift cafe, including writing drinks and food specials on the board, for you and your sisters to come in and place an order. I loved sitting around the table chatting to you all. 

Your stubbornness is starting to work in your favour- deciding one day to ride your bike without stabilisers so you jumped on your sister's bike and just ....went. And now look at you go! a few weeks on and you are just a giggling flash flying by! It brings us such joy and we are beyond proud.

Doing your photos this year was so much fun, you couldn't wait as you knew they would go in your special book for next year. I think it's clear to say I am completely obsessed with your eyelashes, and your face in general which is just so beautiful. But the sunshine- argh! At one point I said to you, "the sun always seems to shine for you" which actually is a beautiful thing (it does make photographs more of a challenge).  It wasn't until I started looking back through the photos that I could see a glimpse of what you will look like when you are grown, and it took my breath away. I see such a positive future for you, one that I didn’t know existed before, but with each year you just become even more amazing. You teach us all so much, and your sponge of a mind is something fascinating. The terms you use to describe things are so articulate and precise, and your recounting of facts always astounds me. You are a remarkable boy, and I am so excited for you and this wonderful part of your life.

Happy birthday to our gorgeous son! Continue to be you. xx

 Love xox

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ 2011-2023) asd birthday nine son Mon, 01 Feb 2021 15:50:31 GMT
How can she be 12? 12 years of my life on the fast-forward button. Especially this last year. These last few months which have just mooshed into one ginormous month. 2020 in lockdown where time seems to have oddly stopped and accelerated at the same time, a paradox I am unable to get my head around. And in these last however many months, this is the time that I have seen the biggest transformation in our eldest.

Last summer was goodbye to old friends and primary school, with the anticipation and excitement of starting secondary school only knowing a handful of friends. The summer was spent working extra hours at the gym, perfecting those twists and runs, loving every moment of being carefree. You thrived at the start of secondary school, so happy and finding your way amongst the many new faces. Already becoming favourites of some of the teachers, being chosen to join the sporting teams. You worked so hard and tirelessly, finishing at 330 and then racing off to gym until 830 in the evening. It was a crazy fast-paced life that consumed us all.

You absolutely smashed your gymnastics this year, getting gold in two competitions, and qualifying for the English Championships. Not only did you do so amazingly, but you just LOVED every moment of it. It has taken a long time to get to this point. So when the world seemed to stop on March 20th, and everyone held their breath, schools closed, shops closed, gym closed. To go from 100 miles an hour to virtually nothing in 24 hours, it was such a shock. I grieved for you, and your siblings. All that hard work, and this now wouldn't be your year to shine. To not be able to see your friends, your grandparents. To be told you can only go out once a day for exercise which seemed so cruel. And yet, I was proved wrong, because you did shine, you have shone, and you continue to do so.

You took it all in your stride. There have been a few wobbles, but I am just beyond proud of the person you have metamorphosised into. You have shown this other, more mature side. Ever since you broke your arm, we have always had a special closeness, but the last few months we have become so much closer. You opening up on a much deeper level and yet still light-hearted to sit and watch the entire series of Friends. We have shared walks, runs, workouts together and I love this new friendship we have built. You have taken care of your brother and sister, you have reached out to your friends and solidified your friendships, you have taken ownership of yourself, and have risen to the challenge. You make sure that every day, bang on 3pm, you and your 'main man' Roxy do your gym conditioning together. Every evening reaching out to your friends from school, just staying connected. I think this lockdown for you has released a more wonderful version of yourself.

I am sorry that this isn't the birthday that we had planned, but you said to me the other day you think this will be your best birthday yet. We have decorated the building-site-garden as best we can with bunting and painted murals, got everything tidy and ready for coffee and cake with your grandparents, and then a summer evening of bike rides, takeaway pizza, and ice cream with two of your besties.

I am just beyond proud of the little woman you have become. Your beauty shines within you as well as out. You have taken so much from this time in isolation, you have captured it and released it into something beautiful and colourful. While I see so many struggling during this time, you have found the positives and made them your own. You are always my inspiration, my carefree little butterfly. Thank you for spending so much time with me, I will never forget this time spent uninterrupted with you. All my love xx


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The best of all the E's I feel in abundance of birthdays for some reason! They seem to be coming together faster and faster each year, like the years are whirlwinding around me!

And you, Elle, turning 10. FINALLY you say!! This has been the big digits you've been striving for since you were...8?! So here we are. And there's still a line you haven't crossed, but one you are balancing on. One side is this small, sweet little girl with big smiles and so much kindness, the other is someone more cautious, more reserved, held back a little, with the world's problems weighted on your shoulders. And I try to hold your hand as best as I can as you teeter along this disappearing rope, and part of you wants to reach your hand out, and the other part of you wants to be independent and travel this path alone. And I get that, we have to discover ourselves as we grow. I do feel I have lost a little part of you along the way, and it saddens my heart.

This year you have had to say goodbye to your dearest friend as she moved across the seas, and it's a pain that is deep rooted in you that no one can seem to touch. You have always had someone special in your life, you're not one for lots and lots of friends. You cherish the few and keep them close to you. This year you have been vulnerable, my heart aches as I see you walk up the school lane, not the confident little girl you were, but a shadow of. Your friends rally around you and yet you can't seem to see them, your inner thoughts too consuming and grabbing hold.

But you are so loved and cherished. When I hear you upstairs shrieking with glee with your brother and sister, or you make some crazy nonsense joke that is utterly ridiculous yet seems to have you in stitches. Your laugh still fills whatever room and surrounding rooms you are in, it is such a joy to hear. And I listen to you playing make-believe with your lego creations and you are dynamic and animated, lost in your little world of pure joy.

These moments remind me you are still my little girl, and you come and fold yourself up into me for some love or reassurance- and I cherish these times.

Your sensitivity to life hasn't changed, and your endearing nature. Watching wildlife programs and being in floods of tears over the world's demise because of our ever-growing population; demanding to know what we can do to make a change. You have always been so determined and strong-minded when you set your heart on something, and your passion is infectious. You have so much empathy, the pain and hurt you feel is so encompassing it has a knock-on effect on everyone. I just want to wrap you up and take away that intense hurt that you feel. I see a lot of myself in you at this age, seeming to feel every emotion under the sun, reading people's faces and body language for clues of how they are feeling. That immense need to help. You continue to be one of the most thoughtful people I know, always putting others and their feelings before your own, to the point where you worry so much about everyone and if they are OK. You are so incredibly polite, and always on hand to help out without any grumbling.

These last few months have been hard for you. I feel you are battling with who you are, and a little bit of sparkle has gone out along the way. You said to me the other day, so quietly, 'I don't think I should have put my arms out when acting out my performance on stage. I did it for attention." And I said to you "Eloise- you were born for the stage. You have a commanding presence, you are so captivating to watch, and you hold the audience in the palm of your hand. You shine so brightly up there, you are at one with yourself, you bask in the smiles, the cheers, the applause." And this is the Eloise I have always known- the one who beams so brightly both on and off stage. The one that loves the attention. This is the Eloise that took a step back, quietly watching and observing. Trying to figure it all out.

I know you will find your inner light again, you have so much love to give, so much of yourself to share. You have already started that big climb in search of yourself, and I smile when I see you being your goofy self, being the clown, chattering away, a care-free bird. More of this will come with time, I know it. You, my wonderful creation, are destined for greatness. xx



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Sonny and the eight... Eight is a great number. I know you're going to love it. Why? Because several of your favourite things have eight. Spiders with their eight spindley (creepy) legs, octupi with their eight tenticles... your spooky monster creation things with their eight whatever they are...!

My boy. Suddenly so big, yet your hand is still small and chubby in mine. Your feet still little and oh-so-ticklish. Your grin still innocent and mischievous. You are such a beautiful human. I completely adore you, and all that you do. You are so incredibly funny, so beautiful to listen to, so endearing to watch. I love how you trace shapes in the air, how you nod your head to the beat and start shaking your booty to the music, how you feel and hear and taste everything in this world a million times more than I do.

I have thought hard about what to write for your eighth blog post. It's been another accelerated year of progression, development, and just general growing up! It's been a great year and a hard year, a year of learning more about you but also understanding less. When one thing gets easier, something else seems to get harder. But I suppose that's just life with a child growing up anyway! It just seems more amplified with you. Things that were said maybe last week that we no longer think significant have been logged and stored in your collossal catalogue in your head, something for you to randomly bring up over dinner or while doing something completely unrelated. Your attention to detail to the minutest degree. Your mind working constantly, continuously, at such a pace, but your inability to convey those thoughts and messages to us in that speed gets you so frustrated and stuck. My heart hurts when I see you try over and over to say the one thing that is so important to you, and you get cross and dismayed and tell yourself that your brain doesn't work properly.

You have been described as 'sparky' in your class, adding a touch of energy and dynamic among your peers. Your creativity and imagination completely off the charts, your mind a beautiful creative space constantly building on dreams and things from another world. When I give you a cuddle, and those moments when you wrap your little arms around me and I just want to squeeze you harder and keep you safe.

My love for you is so great that I think I cannot possibly hang on to it all. I want to be able to help you in this life, and help you find happiness and joy. I want to take away those frustrations, the anger, the barrier between your thoughts and your ability to speak them. Take away those scary awful monsters that often keep you up at night, those noises that are just too loud, those lights too bright. I want to make this a safer world for you, one where you fit in easier. I have learned so much from you, I have learned more about this world, seen more of its beauty, understood more about myself and my role, opened my eyes to our world and our family, and how everything we do impacts us all. I still have so much to learn, and so much to teach you, but struggle with the how.

I decided I would like to take some photos of you of every day life. We are so proud of how independant you have become, getting yourself breakfast, chatting away to whoever is in the room (normally Peppa, you tell me that she would perhaps like some milk). It's not a speedy affair, there's a lot to think about over the munching of cereal. I have to gently usher you along as your weetabix starts to resemble something like concrete. Going up the stairs one, two, three, pause. Long pause. Some fluff has caught your eye, it needs to be examined and played with for five minutes. Me further ushering, trying not to let the exasperation be heard in my voice.  You starting to raise yours- "In a MIMMIT!". Brushing your teeth, oh sweet lord. I sometimes leave you to it and find you either sat in the bath surrounded by all your toys, or just with a toothbrush dangling half out of your mouth as you are busy making spiderman attack white fury.

There's a bit of a stagnant halt at getting dressed as you enter your bedroom which just holds too many possibilities of play, and if left to your own devices, one hour, two, will go by and you will still be caught in the same story. Getting you dressed to go outside on this day seemed to take forever and my patience was waning. Finally out, you delighted in the frost outside and were determined to make snowballs out of whatever you could scrape off the ground, and stomped on all the frozen puddles to make them crack. With the sun so bright you giggled as you made shadow reflections with your gloved hands, "dragons!". We found some snowdrops and immediately you were on the floor like a starfish, soaking in the warm sun on your little face before taking a closer look at those white little flowers.

After our little walk, we decided to meet some friends at Salcey forest, knowing that your limit was nearly reached but we were so desperate to have a normal day out. With the vastness of the trees, the birds singing, all that space, it was just a sensory overload and it wasn't long before we had a massive meltdown situation. And meltdown isn't really the right word as that sounds so tame, something a toddler would do. This is something so much more. Something more powerful, uncontrollable, like some force has been released and cannot be captured and tamed. It is upsetting, and terrifying sometimes. I feel lost, and unsure, and scared in these moments. You are no longer there, it's someone else. My little sweet boy with his beautiful little face and large innocent eyes is gone, and instead is a much older being, radiating all these emotions from hate, anger, and some sort of knowing that I cant explain. After the screaming, hitting, biting, there's an eerie quiet. There's a quiet voice that doesn't sound quite right, saying things that an 8 year old shouldn't. And these moments are the ones that hurt me the most, because I am no longer with you in those moments, and I don't know how to reach you. But then you come back to us, and your face crumples, and the tears come, and you're my little boy again that just needs a hug from his mummy.

I dont know what the future holds, it's ever-changing. I know you are so incredibly bright, and so creative. You hold worlds in your hands, your mind is a source of so much power and energy. I hope we can find the right tools to help you and us understand and control all this beauty you contain. You are a beautiful mystery.


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Liz and Oli Working in weddings means I get to meet so many amazing people, and often I will see familiar faces which I just adore. Liz is an incredible wedding hair stylist, and when she asked me if I was free to do her wedding 18 months ago I was just honestly blown away. I felt so humbled as I know she has worked and met numerous wedding photographers, so to choose me just meant everything.

As the day drew closer, the weather was not looking peachy. After a night of relentless rain which continued in the morning, I set off to Crockwell Farm for my last wedding of 2019. Roads were closed due to the flooding, on my cross country journey I had to turn around several times with roads impassable from the rain- I even had to stop horse riders to ask for help on the best way to the venue! My relief when I arrived was immense! And even more so when I saw Liz and her sisters getting ready and just in the best spirits! I went upstairs, and Liz had beautifully set everything out for me to photograph- my eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open. You could tell Liz had been to a lot of weddings!

Liz just made me smile the entire day. This was so her day, and she lived and loved every moment of it. She looked just amazing, and with Oli by her side I don't think there could possibly have been any more happiness to have. Their darling girl Mollie was close to stealing the day with her enormous blue eyes and gorgeous little face, twirling her dress and loving how she looked and felt. Their little boy walked the entire way down the aisle which nearly had me in tears, him and Mollie holding hands and teetering their way to the end!

The rain eased right off after the ceremony, so Liz and Oli were ready to embrace everything their day had to offer so we all went outside for some photos. It was COLD, but everyone was brilliant and kept on smiling. Liz's sisters had their biggest smiles on, and we all went squelching off in the mud and drizzle to get some amazing shots, I cant thank them enough for all of their brilliance! Sam was also doing some filming of the day, and she was wonderful to work alongside with.

Liz and Oli were so patient and willing to walk all around the farm in the little daylight we had left, and then the party started. The dancing, the music, the food, it was just such an incredible energy to be a part of.

There's a lot of colour and light in these photos, which I think is a true reflection of Oli and Liz. They are just ❤︎

Liz, Oli, thank you for asking me to be there with you, and thank you for being such an amazing pair of souls, you have made my final wedding one to remember!!



Venue: Crockwell Farm

Makeup: Sarah Evans

Dress: Serendipity Bride

Shoes: Serendipity Bride

Groom's attire: Vintage Suit Hire

Florist: Perkins

Cake: Sophie Page

Band: Slim 47



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Laura and John Laura and John's wedding day!! At the beautiful Barns Hotel which I hadn't photographed in before except for their engagement shoot. I was excited to return and get some stunning shots by the river later as long as the weather held out! The forecast did not look promising, and the clouds hung on overhead. I found all the girls getting ready upstairs, with Laura's sister Natalie doing everyone's hair and the little ones racing about with all the excitement. We had the best view and could see everyone arriving, Laura got so excited when she saw John arrive. I went down to meet them all, and couldn't believe that one of John's best men had less than a week ago broken his leg and wrist on an activity assault course! He had a brave face and hobbled his way about not once complaining.

Laura looked absolutely beautiful in her dress, and her bridesmaids were stunning. Just as they waited to walk across to the barn, the clouds decided to open and out came the rain! After a very emotional ceremony, we spilled outside to discover the rain had stopped so it was all go for photos before the next wave came.

Laura and John are just the loveliest pair, so head over heels in love with each other and just incredibly thoughtful and caring. Their friends and family were wonderful, and it was a joy for me to be among familiar faces from their dearest friends' wedding which I photographed a few years ago. I was also thrilled to be working alongside Danny again who did the video for the day, nicest guy ever and it was great to catch up.

Laura and John, and their gorgeous little family Big Jack, Little Jack and Daisy, I wish you all the happiness and love. Thank you so much for having me and for being just absolute gems xx


Thanks to:

Venue: The Barns Hotel, Bedford

Dress: Brides and Bustles

Hair: Natalie Louise Hair (@NatalieLouiseHair on Instagram)

Makeup: Sade Moreland Studios

Flowers: Rebecca Marsala Flowers

Bridesmaids dresses: Missguided

Cake: Karen Anna Cakes

Groom's attire: Moss Bros

Videographer Danny Reeves: Affordable Wedding Videos



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Jacki and Sam Jacki and Sam. And their amazing wedding at Crockwell Farm. Oh the sun shone for us that super hot day in September!! I think I even applied suncream it was so hot! Jacki and Sam have to be one of the coolest couples I have worked with. Sunglasses, personalised leather jacket, converse, they rocked the day. With a shared love of movies, popcorn, and coca-cola, the marquee looked amazing decorated with memorabilia of their favourite things. Everyone had such an amazing time especially the selected 'carvers' at each table who were in charge of carving up the dinner! 

A truly unforgettable day, Jacki looked so beautiful and like she walked out of a fairytale. I loved it all, thank you for having me you gorgeous pair xx



Thanks to:

Venue: Crockwell Farm, Eydon

Cake: Cakes for All

Brides dress: Shop for Brides, Daventry

Bridesmaids Dresses: Very

Florist: Anne Maries

Shoes: Custom Converse

Personalised Jacket: Crafty Little Bex

MUA: SCMakeup

DJ: Martin St John

Popcorn Machine: Lets Party 

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Nicola and Thom I was so excited for Nicola and Thom's wedding. I photographed her best friends wedding a few years ago, and then her best friend's sister after that, so it was wonderful being surrounded by beautiful familiar faces. Nicola was getting ready with her gorgeous friends, and everyone was so calm. I arrived just in time for the early McDonald's delivery (thanks for the hash brown! MMMM!!!). As with all weddings, the morning starts off fairly chilled and then all of a sudden the time has just gone on fast forward and it's all a bit of a rush! I managed to stay behind to catch Nicola in her dress, with her dad seeing his beautiful baby girl looking all amazing!!

Watching Nicola and the girls as Nicola opened Thom's gift of a personalised book was brilliant as they were snorting with laughter! Followed by some beautiful Tiffany jewellery (guys, pay attention!).

I found Thom and the guys at the church, hurrying everyone in out of the crazy wind (we were on the tail end of some hurricane whose name I can't remember!) and the skies were getting super stormy but thankfully they did not offer any rain!

The ceremony was beautiful, I love the church at Newport Pagnell, and everyone spilled outside for some awesome confetti canons, before beetling off to the beautiful Barns at Hunsbury Hill!

Eugene was my saviour and was getting everyone ready for one large group photo just as we arrived, and then drinks, and lots and lots of laughter followed!! The wedding singers were hysterical and had everyone up on their feet. It got quite raunchy, a little hot and sweaty, and my days did everyone have a good time!

An amazing beautiful wedding, one I am so thankful to have been a part of. Thom and Nicola, thank you for having me and for being so fun xx

Thanks to:

Venue: The Barns at Hunsbury Hill

Cake: The Cake Stand

Brides dress: Lucy Hart Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Wed2Be

Groom's attire: Fogarty

Flowers: Blooms In June ( by family friend Janet)

Make Up: Soft Glam by Rose

DJ: Mark Edwards

Toastmaster: Eugene Matthias

Decorations: Style Events


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Charlotte and Jordan R E L A A A A X E D. That is my idea of a perfect wedding. Charlotte and Jordan did not disappoint. Low key, super chilled with burger vans and pizza ovens, fairy lights, and outdoor hay bale climbing loveliness, my idea of heaven!

I don’t even know where to start. Just thinking about this day makes me so happy all over again. Charlotte and Jordan’s wedding will have a place in my heart forever! Unbelievably fun, cool, relaxed. I didn’t even have to ask before the bridesmaids were clambering up the hay bales- totally my type of people. They were brimming with joy and madness, leaping into each other’s arms, dancing their way around the venue, laughing non stop.

The cakes. The sea of cakes. I walked in to the room and the smell of sugar surrounded me like a warm hug. Jordan had been baking his heart out to feed all their wonderful friends and family. GBBO 2020 watch out!

The registrar was a familiar face and came right up to me for a hug. Can all weddings be like this please??
The light, the summer evening, the fairy lights. The amazing staff at wood farm - oh I have fallen in love with it all.
The food- fresh pizza made in the pizza oven and burgers and bbq. Dancing dancing dancing. Playing garden games. It’s the stuff of Pinterest and wedding dreams.
I left on such a high from this day and I’m still buzzing over it all.

Charlotte and Jordan you were epic, I can’t wait to share your wedding collection in its entirety with you.

Thank you friends and family for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel so comfortable.

You are all stars. And a little bit mad. But I love it. xx



Thanks to:

Venue: Wood Farm, Everdon

Cake: Jordan made! (HIGH FIVE!!)

Brides Dress: Serendipity Weedon

Bridesmaids dresses: Jolie Moi

Flowers: Home grown, Garden of Weedon for bouquets

Chair covers and charger plates: Wildflower Styling

Hair accessories: Sarah Ames




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Laura and Lauren Firstly, I think I get extra brownie points for navigating my way round the city of Leicester for the first time ever!! But seriously, it was well worth it,  my first visit to the City Rooms was just amazing, with a beautiful ball room with such lovely lovely light (oh I do love the light!). I arrived as hair and makeup was underway, with Lauren getting a head start before Lauren arrived. I was quickly trying to photograph the dresses before Laura arrived, and it was all hands on deck to make sure the two didn't bump into each other before the ceremony. It all got very exciting co-ordinating with everyone up to the final few minutes on the whereabouts of the bridal party, and before we knew it, the morning was gone and it was time to get married!

The ceremony was beautiful, and we spilled outside into the city streets with clouds of confetti and lots of passers-by who were very keen to catch a glimpse of the celebrations!

I was really excited to go for a little wander with the couple before we headed to the beautiful ball room which was dusted in hand made decorations following an Alice in Wonderland theme, and it was just a beautiful place to have a wedding reception. Lots of laughter and heart-felt speeches, before the evening descended and it was time for some cake and two father-daughter dances. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. 

An absolutely incredible day, and one I am honoured to have been part of. To be in the presence of Laura and Lauren is to be in the presence of pure love and devotion. They are so wonderful and I just adored working with them. I loved working with new suppliers, and also seeing familiar friendly faces (Matt from Fizzy Jelly Films who was again so helpful and great company).

Wishing everyone I met at this beautiful wedding so much love and happiness for the future xx