Level 12

February 01, 2024

How do you get more delicious each year? I didn't think it would be possible from the days when you were a fluffy haired, giant-eyed, smiley little bub to this morsel of a boy who just gives the best hugs ever. You are my bright little shining star who just fuels the electricity in the house with your constant talking and noise-making, arm flapping and general launching of yourself off of every piece of furniture and/or person.

An incredible year with you at the heart of it. Your giant heart is bursting to the brim with kindness, and your ever-searching sponge of a mind is a vortex of chaos and wonder that I am in awe of. I adore hearing about your day with its stories that merge reality with imagination. Your words are full of colour and life, and your face just lights up as you spin them endlessly into stories, facts, fiction, even daily recounting of events. I love hearing about the tales of the Movie Toy gang with its courageous leader Pineapple Head and the sticky encounters they find themselves in. Your drawings have so many layers to them, I love pouring over them and finding all the intricate hidden details (some ghastly creature being spun to its untimely death by some robotic 9-legged spider with varying weaponry at its tenterhooks).

You have a wicked sense of humour and often have us all in fits of giggles, though you enjoy making yourself laugh the most. We can always hear you somewhere in the house, a never-ending source of noise and energy. You've found a love for music of every genre, and blast this through your radio as you focus on your lego making, and more recently your Warhammer creations. You've loved opening up your mind to the world of Orcs and Tyranids and creating detailed battlefields and fortresses graffitied with blood, gore, and goodness knows what other horrors. Your face lights up and you giggle as you describe the scenes in detail.

Despite your love for all things gross and boy-like, you have a wonderful kind heart. Creating a sensory board for your vision-impaired friend was top of your list of things to do over the Christmas holidays, asking me for string, seashells, foil, anything that would tickle the senses. It brings you so much happiness to bring joy to others and I couldn't be prouder of you. I love how you take yourself away to create board games, marble runs, illustrations, plasticine monsters. Your creativity is boundless, I love watching you explore this and am so excited for what your future holds.

This year has been the start of upper school, and you proudly wear your blazer adorned with all your badges and your stripey tie. You are still my little boy, though I can see a glimpse of what the next few years have in store. You have active roles within the school, taking care of the lower year students, speaking up on various councils, and running your own art club. Thursdays are still your favourite day when you have lunch with the head teacher, but every other day is also up there as a top day as you still love school so much. You tirelessly strive to help others and are often found guiding someone in need.

I often catch myself thinking "How are you mine?' and count myself so lucky to have you. You enrich my life so much, and have made me a better person. You are so good and pure, and I love every single ounce of your being so much I think I might even explode. xx