Sticky fingers, hair a bit all over the place, pouty lips, cheeky laughs, all these little moments that pass us by oh too quickly. I adore these moments of time. Trying to burn to memory these precious times, when they are little and just grow up, overnight. To me, photography is a way of looking back into that window of what once was. I adore seeing photos of my little people when they were small and chubby and eyes full of wonder, to that phase of runny noses, mud everywhere, and a need to just be free, to now glimpses of what's to be, considered thoughts, and an age of growing wisdom. It's actually like magic seeing it all.

I adore taking photos of families. Going on bear hunts, chasing butterflies, climbing whatever there is to climb. My family sessions aren't set up in a studio, they are a documentary of real life. Who remembers their kids sitting with a smile stretched across their bored little faces, balanced on a stool holding a skateboard? Wouldn't you rather have a memory of that one time, in the summer evening, you all went and explored across bridges, found fairy houses, skipped stones in the river? That's what I am about.

I offer various of sessions depending on what you are looking for.                           



Family & Pets:

Basic: £185:

An hour or so with me, preferably somewhere outdooors where we can run about and play (no seriousness allowed!). We will chase natural light, explore everything and anything that moves or crawls, maybe find a little stream to paddle our feet in. I have a few favourite spots in Milton Keynes, but if there is somewhere special to you we can go there too! Pack light, so that you have your hands free for maximum cuddles and tickles!

What's included: all edited high res images (40+) available for download from a secure gallery.


Explorer Package £350

Want a little bit more? Often an hour isn't enough. You're just getting started. You want to capture those interactions between you and your partner, along with your kidlets and the dog. You want to explore. This package is up to three hours with me. Real life, real moments, prepare to get muddy. Prepare for the embraces, the laughs, the chasing. Come with me on an adventure in the woods, pack a picnic, don your hiking boots, be a family. Explore those golden sunsets, catch that beautiful magical hazy light.

Or invite me into your home, make pancakes, snuggle under blankets, make a fort. Whatever family time means to you.

Includes all high and low res images (60+) available for download online.


Newborn photography £195

All the newborn snuggliness. The little tiny downy hairs. The curly wrinkly toes. The teeny baby clothes. The glances you give each other as you look at your amazing little creation. It’s all beautiful. My newborn photography is very easy-going. I come to you, so whack the heating up as the babies like it toasty. Prepare for snuggles, head nuzzling, and just living life. I capture all the moments, from feeding to swaddling, getting baby dressed (this is actually quite a skill in itself)! I don’t do curly-q newborn posed in a hanging basket suspended from the air with tulips floating down. I do real life. Yawns, stretches, cries, dad jiggling-baby-stop-crying dance, mum gazing adoringly at beautiful eyelashes. That’s the golden ticket.  

Session lasts about 60-90 minutes, includes all the digital edited high res images for download.

Events £250 based on up to 2 hours of coverage, £50 per hour thereafter. All images are provided digitally on CD for the client to enlarge and reproduce.

Please note these prices are subject to change. Photoshoots taking place outside of MK46 area will be priced accordingly based on time and distance traveled.