Toni and Mark

March 02, 2016  •  4 Comments

Well hello!! I am so excited to be starting 2016's weddings!!! It's going to be awesome!! Toni and Mark have started my wedding 'season' getting married the 20th of February! Yes, still very cold out and we did have some wind and rain! BUT luckily they were amazing as were all their guests who happily humoured me outside for some snaps. 

Toni and Mark's wedding was themed black, silver and white with a slight gothic twist to it. Chairs were adorned with black covers and silver ribbons, the bridesmaid's carried white bouquets made from silk petals (made by Mark's talented sister!), which stood out against their black flowy dresses. Toni wore a beautiful floor length flowy gown, which was so simple and elegant, with encrusted crystals along the bodice, and carried a black silk petal bouquet with tiny little silver skulls placed among the stems. It whisped around beautifully in the wind outside! (The one time I embraced the wind!).

A three-tiered black glittery wedding cake crowned with a skeleton bride and groom, which reminded me of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, caught everyone's eye, and tables were named after guitars. Mark played Metallica's Nothing Else Matters to all the guests in the evening, but it was clear to see he was playing solely for Toni.

It was a wonderful wedding, with gorgeous little kiddos running around and everyone happy and relaxed, a joy to be a part of. I wish Toni and Mark all the happiness in the world. Thanks for a great start to 2016!! xxx






Thanks to:


Flowers: The Sculpted Petal

Venue: Holiday Inn, Newport Pagnell

Bridesmaids dresses:

Hair: Anita

Makeup: Kerry Ashworth - La Belle Clinique





Carole Welch(non-registered)
What lovely photos brilliant original but natural shots. I think the photos are amazing xxxx
Sarah Stent(non-registered)
Hi Laura,
These are fantastic photos of my brothers wedding, I have screens shot a few and added them to The Sculpted Petal post, I did reference you hope that is ok, thankyou for my reference.
You did my brother & his new wife proud xxx
Toni HOLLIDAY(non-registered)
Laura, thank you so much for capturing our big day! I love these photos! They are just amazing!
Jean Blunden(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos, all so different to the usual boring wedding albums, very well done you worked so hard all day.
Gorgeous wedding and a wonderful concept, enjoyed every minute x
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