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Little girl... 3 x 2

March 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

I know a little girl who is so full of happiness I think she could actually burst. I know a little girl who is constantly thinking about others. I know a little girl who has the biggest, bluest eyes I have ever seen, that somehow get even wider when she is thinking of something important (which, everything is when you are five-nearly-six).

This (not so) little girl is mine. Always looking a bit scruffy, despite my best efforts. There are too many Important Things to do that take priority over hair brushing or even wearing a clean pair of pants, if any. My little E who leaves an impression everywhere she goes. My Eloise who thinks it's normal to greet everyone, (literally everyone) with a big bear hug. This does shock a few people (if you aren't prepared for an Elle hug then watch out!). She is extremely tactile, and has to embrace people with her entire body. She will actually wrap herself around you like one of those cuddly koala bears. Kisses aren't just a peck on the cheek, no no, they are a full on smooch on the lips. Eloise, making herself known, who has a question for everything. Followed by another, and another... heaven forbid you don't answer. You will get a 'You're not listening to me mummy!' in her little girlie voice. I love how she talks. Still mispronouncing words, her 'y's coming out as 'L's still ('That flower is Lellow.' 'No it's Yellow.' 'That's what I said, LELLOW!' Marches off arms folded.

The other day in the car she was chattering away and she was looking in the mirror and pointed out a blemish on her chin. 'Look mummy I have a chicken pop.' 'You mean chicken pox?' 'Yes. A chicken pop.' 'No that's not a chickenpox.' 'Oh, well I grew it myself.' Big grin. She makes me smile SO much.

She is so incredibly thoughtful, I think this will be her Special Skill (we all have something special don't we?). Whenever David and I are away and we speak to her on the phone (she sounds even smaller on the phone, like this little fairy), she will ask how we are, are we having fun? What did we do? Unlike my 7 year old who just grunts down the phone as we are interrupting TV time. When her great-grandma asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she started counting on her chubby little fingers, a bike, a kaleidoscope, a sparkly necklace, a barbie, and... for everyone to be happy. Who asks for that when they are 6?! Just today we were discussing when she was in my tummy and I was telling her she was in a hurry to get here with such a speedy delivery (2 hours!!), and she looked at me with her big moon face, and big blue oceans and said so seriously, 'That's because I really wanted to meet you mummy.' Heart. Melts.

When we are out, she is analysing those around her constantly (nosy some might say!). What are they doing there? Is that person sad? Why is that boy crying? We moved last October, which was a big change for her. Her home is her most important thing, with her family in it. Followed by her close, secure network of friends. And she struggled when she left those friends behind. It was heartbreaking. But on her first day at her new school, a boy fell over and she immediately ran up to him, asked if he was OK, told him he would be OK, and went to find a teddy for him in the school for comfort. It's taking her awhile to settle back in school and make another group of close friends. She is winning the teachers over with her bear hugs, though I don't think stealing the blue tack and paperclips is going down too well.

Her taste in music is an interesting one I think, she loves sitting in the front with me in the car, and having complete control over the radio. Radio 1 is no good, neither is radio 2, 3, or 4. Heart FM nope. Classical FM- every time. I know. This doesn't match at home when she is bumbling around (she is such a bumbler) the house singing made up songs which detail what she is actually doing at the time (she has inherited this from her dad). 'I am skipping through the lounge la la la I am going to get something to eeeeaaaattt laaaa'. I think she also inherited all the clumsy from myself and David combined. Poor kid. If anyone could trip over a blade of grass, it would be E. She is so enthusiastic about life, and learning new skills... she will gleefully say 'Watch me hop across the room mummy!' and I hold my breath as I watch through parted fingers wondering if this will result in a trip to A&E.

Although she is still so little, she is also I think so wise for her age. She asks meaningful questions; she doesn't always listen to the answer, but the thought was (fleetingly) there. She suggests things that actually make sense, and she is always searching for the reason behind things. She is the happiest child I know, the most loving, the most caring, also one of the cheekiest too. She will fly so high in this world, adorned in sparkly things and wearing one of her beloved hairbands. xx







Beautiful words for our Beautiful Granddaughter! XXXX
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