LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ | 1, 2 , 3, 4 - can you roar like a Dinosaur?!

1, 2 , 3, 4 - can you roar like a Dinosaur?!

February 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

So can you, roar like a dinosaur? Or speak monster, with twinkly laughing eyes? This is what my boy does. At the moment, this largely defines him. Nothing makes him happier than growling or running around with all the lights off screaming and laughing his little head off. His latest obsession of dinosaurs has us all amused. He plays for hours with these giant plastic toys, which also end up in bed with him (along with his million cars). How he sleeps on top of those pointy dino's, plastic blocks, and metal cars I will never know. But I love how his joy of these pre-historic creatures branches out into his books, and he will bring you book after book filled with dinosaurs, snuggle up on your lap and flick through the pages growling at the various types.  Grrrrrr. 

He also has a fascination with music- his favourite song for a long time being 'Stay High' remix by Tove Lo (bizarre for a 4 year old), but you know he's in his happy place when he sings the ABCs or Jingle Bells. He loves Spotify on my phone (he beams his massive eyes at me and says, 'music, more music') and I have just discovered an app where he can create his own music pressing various buttons (when did ipads and iphones become second nature to children?). I'm sure to him it must sound incredible, from my point of view it's just very noisy! ('Noisy' he says! with a massive grin!).

I think of all the O's, Sonny wins the Stubborn Card hands down. Which was a shock as we thought Elle had that one down pat, but certainly the last few years Sonny has stood his ground over many different scenarios. He certainly knows what he does and doesn't want. Relating that to us has been challenging though and can result in volcanic eruptions. Those aren't cool.

He thinks it's hilariously funny to destroy the lounge by removing all the sofa cushions and make one giant massive soft play in the middle. He waits for you to come in, and then shrieks and hides himself deep inside the huge mountain of pillows and throws. He's not so good at tidying that up. This is normally timed to perfection, minutes before we are expecting visitors so that we have to madly throw everything back on just as the doorbell rings.

We have all learned how to live with Sonny's little ways. Even the new kittens are accustomed to him going up to their little faces and yelling 'DINOSAUR'. They just sit there and blink now. I love listening to him tinker gently on the piano, or watching David teach him Pirate Spuds, and hearing his infectious dirty little giggle, making us all smile. His little grumblings and e-wok type jabber are part of the norm now, and we know he is thinking out loud and processing it all when he's chatting away.

It scares me to think at the end of this year he will be going to Big School all day. And of course I worry, as do all parents. Will we choose the right school? Will he be happy there? Will he thrive? Will he feel safe? He suddenly doesn't seem so little when I think about that. But that's still forever away, or at least I can pretend it is.

This little boy is now 4. He has such a massive impact on my life, on all our lives, as have my other children. We all learn and grow from each other. This boy makes me have to take 10 deep breaths, a lot. This boy makes me search for my inner peace. This boy makes me lose my temper. But I have the biggest soft spot for him, and he knows it all too well. He is a beautiful boy, and he makes us proud every day. He makes us laugh so much, he makes all those harder days disappear when he looks at you with his giant beautiful eyes. He is a happy soul, and he is so loved. xx






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Your photos make me smile and weep almost at the same time! Such a magic in what you do and capturing those special smiles and moments... you are an amazing photographer.. loved reading this blog and looking at all the photos...x
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