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My 2015, time to breathe a little

December 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Every year is a year to appreciate what you have and to think on all the things you have achieved. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily ins and outs of life that you don't actually take pause to see what is happening around you. I'll put my hand up to that one. I am forever busying myself around that I rarely see the beauty that passes me by, and that makes me sad. My little family monthly project is one of the few things I do that makes me pause and SEE my family, see how their little faces have changed, remember what we have done that month, how it has contributed to our year. As my photography business has grown, I've struggled a LOT with work/life balance this year and found it difficult not letting it take over my life. I am really trying to take a step back as well as leap forward with it, find that middle ground and switch OFF when I shouldn't be working.

It has been a great year, it has, again, gone too fast and I fear I have missed a huge chunk of it by worrying myself over unimportant things that really don't matter. I have learnt that life is only here for such a short time, we can choose to enjoy it, or get caught up in the smaller picture. This will always be my struggle and I hope to one day be able to take a step back and see that bigger picture more often than I do.

I thank you all for being there alongside me, whether you have made yourself known or just sat back quietly and watched, it brings light to my heart. I've enjoyed so many happy memories with so many this year, I am so immensely grateful and privileged. I feel so blessed to do what I do, and my aim for next year is to continue being a part of so many lives, but also to take more notice of my own. So instead of replying to emails at 6am or 11pm at night, dropping everything to send that text or get paperwork sent out, I will be more family orientated to my own little lot and give them the time that they so deserve from me. Big love to you all, and remember to take a step back and see all that beauty around you. We are, after all, only here for such a short space of time xx




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