She turns 11...

May 30, 2019  •  1 Comment

What can I say about this darling girl of mine that I haven't already said before, except that I love her more as each day passes? I can't believe she is 11, I honestly don't know how that happened, overnight almost.

She continues to amaze me all the time in everything she does. Her attitude, her perserverence, her kindess, her incredible sporty skills! I see her changing before me, once a little thing bouncing around with curly blonde hair. Now a little taller, slender, hair tied back ever so neatly, with her little freckles splattered across her nose, her legs long and lean, her back straight and posed. She has such an effortless elegance, her body made for sport. She is small, but she is so powerful. She has finally, after battling the last year of low self confidence and fear at gymnastics, found her happy place there, going into the development squad with less pressure to perform and more time to do what she loves- throwing herself off into infinity to do crazy end skills like double twists and face planting into the pit!

She has become more easy going since this change. She smiles more, she sings around the house, she is so GOOFY! She goes around making up skits in funny American accents. She lets the light in, and it sparkles like a thousand rainbows dancing off the walls. She is perfect.

This girl has been working super hard at school to get ready for the SATs. Her teacher is so incredibly proud of the effort and progress she has made, which makes us insanely proud. It has taken a lot of effort for everything to finally 'click' into place, and now she is soaring. Her passion for art continues, and she finds calm and peace drawing cartoons or illustrating short stories.

She's turning 11, but she is still hanging on just a little bit longer to her younger years. Still not quite in the gang of wanting to be social on phones, she would rather watch for hours videos on cakes being made and decorated, or weird squishies being squished, or insanely talented artists creating something unbelievable for her to try  and replicate. She prefers all this to posting on social media, creating a million hashtags and likes for likes.  I want her to stay in this innocent world of hers for as long as she can, and enjoy that feeling of being so free and not comparing herself to every other person out there. I want her to grow up strong, believing in herself, respecting herself. Not putting up with anyone else who doesn't show that respect. She is living in her light, she is empowered.

Isabelle will always be my little hero, and I just love her so much it actually hurts. I would do anything for her, whatever it took to make her happy.

I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Isabelle is one of them. She inspires me every day. She works so hard, she shows commitment, determination, passion, hope, love. I want everything for her, I want the world to see how amazing and incredible and wonderful she is. She is someone great, she is magic.

I love you my tiny tumbler, the world is yours xx






You have captured this little girl so brilliantly - a beautiful, darling blog of your gorgeous girlie...
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