The E with all the questions...

March 17, 2018  •  1 Comment

Oh my E... and her intense thirst for knowledge of any kind. To know everything. I know kids ask a lot of questions. A lot a lot of questions. Eloise has always been relentless with her questioning. And I KNOW that's actually a really great thing, and something I should be patient with and embrace, but a lot of the time I simply find it exhausting. I think half the time it's because she isn't actually listening to the conversation, so is playing catch up. My brain just exploded.

She is obsessed over word searches, doing them at every available minute, her colossal 365 page book her muse. She takes it to bed and secretly continues her search after lights out. Her constant maths times tables or arithmetic games, mummy whats 34 x 276? um..... (as if she knows...!). 

I do feel guilty a lot of the time, I think being the middle child must sometimes suck. I'll glance up from my emails, or from cooking, or just whatever unimportant thing I am doing, and I'll suddenly see her there. Trying to get someone's attention. Being that little bit louder than the others, being a bit naughty, being a pain in the bum. And she does it because she needs to feel that love, that connection with another being. She has always been so connected to everyone around her, needing to be in their space, needing to be seen and heard and loved. (We all hear her... there's no denying that). 

I talk to my grandma a lot about all my children, but we always circle back to Eloise. I think because she's stubborn and sharp, like my Grandpa, and mischievous and passionate, like my mother. My grandma is so taken with her, and fondly tells me she can't wait to see what path Eloise will take. We agree that she can do anything she wants to in life, she has that mental ability, that persistence, that grit that you need to survive. She has the foresight and the determination to achieve anything she wants, the key being if she wants it. If it's something she doesn't want to do, then you have a fight on your hands. 

My little magpie who still gasps at anything sparkly, her eyes turning into wide orbs as she stretches her arms out to touch and hold it. Her poetry book and little box of mish-mashed trinkets being the most important things in the wold alongside her people (and word search book...).

She has continued to show how incredibly caring and thoughtful she is, running to anyone's aide if they call out. Wondering if everyone is OK. Comforting those that look sad, including the dog. 'Mummy, why does Alro always look so sad?' 'Hon that's just his face, he's OK really.' 'I'll just go and give him a hug', poor dog's eyes popping out of his head. I know I need to nurture these feelings she has, so she doesn't ever lose her love for love. 

She simply is a shimmering, sparkling, loud, giggling, cloud of happiness racing at a hundred miles an hour, engulfing everyone and everything in her path. Shrieking with glee along the way. Ungracefully leaping into the air, landing with a loud thud and an explosion of laughter. Eloise continues to light up the place when she arrives, 'Ta-Da!' making sure no one has missed her entrance. Gigantic ocean eyes quickly darting from one person to the next, clocking you in, making sure you are paying attention, marking your attendance at this most special performance of Eloise's Life. Always shine bright little one xoxo

I love you like xo





I am so so incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful granddaughter - what a lovely blog, as always you capture it all, the very essence of this wonderful child...
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