Ella & Chris

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Ella and Chris are such a super sweet pair, they are so calm and gentle. I knew Ella back from our high school days, and couldn't believe after all of these years to be back in touch again. It was really wonderful to see her, it was like the years that had gone by were just a blink. Her and Chris planned a really beautiful, relaxed wedding at the gorgeous Buckingham Villiers Hotel, using the old Town Hall which is just such a wonderful old building.

On the day I bumped into Ella and Chris in the foyer and was like, "You can't see each other before the wedding!" but they just laughed and said why on earth not, and had just enjoyed a lovely breakfast together. And it got me thinking, yes why not? After all, you're getting married today and the entire day is about those two people, so sharing as many moments of it makes perfect sense. Before Ella arrived to the room to get ready, I darted inside to hang up her dress and found the most heart-warming note from Chris and a little box which only means one thing... jewellery. I of course couldn't resist a peak and inside was a beautiful engagement ring to replace Ella's "temporary" one. I was ready for her reaction when she walked into the room and was just so happy for her.

The love these two have for each other is so clear, they are so patient and so willing to please those around them. We had some wonderful quiet moments away from all the hustle and bustle down by the river, which is so serene and peaceful, it's an amazing place to be. When we got back, we enjoyed lots of amazing food, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with their guests and having a good laugh, before finally witnessing some fun on the dance floor.

A wonderful couple who are so devoted to each other, it was just brilliant to be there. Some of my faves from the day xx


Thanks to:


Venue: Villiers Hotel

Cake: Hockleys

The Dress: Wed2Be

Shoes: JJ's House

Florist: Cerus Botanical Designs


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