The second teenager

March 16, 2023

You are just the brightest soul I know, ever. I'm sure you leave a trail of glittery fairy dust behind you wherever you step. My heart is so full of the light you bring, I swear it's going to burst into a million stars.

You have always had such an energy about you, and you are starting to harness it and use it towards all things good. Your energy for life is infectious, you embrace everything with a full heart, and your door is always open to anyone. I love so many things about you, but your radiating love just encompasses me. Your entire face tells a story, and you love re-enacting every moment of your day, your friend's day, the lunch ladies' day, you just love everything about everyone.

Your passion to tell stories has blossomed, and you are such a wonder on stage. Screen plays, stories, poems, you want it all. I was so proud of you up stage at the MK festival of Arts, the second year you entered yourself with some friends, writing the play, acting it, directing it, thinking it all through. And the judge said how much you shone on stage and your wonderful energy. To get third place, with first and second going to official drama academies is something amazing.

You are so eager to please everyone, and give everything one million percent. You practice your marching for cadets up and down the hall, 'Left, right left right' and you spend what seems like hours meticulously ironing your uniform to get all the creases out so that you pass inspection. Even if you turned up upside-down and inside out they would still adore you there as already you have positioned yourself as a favourite.

You love being with people, and you are so much fun to have around. I love snuggling up with you in front of the telly, you commentating on everything we watch, so much so that we end up missing the plot. Yet you utilise your time alone to organise your room, read books, make beautiful revision notes, and cut out endless photos of friends to stick on your wall.

I'm wondering when you will grow into your long noodle arms and legs, and I know one day you'll come bounding down the stairs and will be taller than me.

I cannot believe you are now 13, I will always fondly cherish the little chubby blue-eyed doll you were and all the mischief you caused. You have always been so sure of yourself, and so determined. I am so proud of you and know that your future is blindingly bright and beautiful because you will be in it. You are as mad as a box of frogs, but so kind and gentle. You can be the loudest person on stage and also have the softest heart. You are just you, and I wouldn't change a single thing. xx