Sonny chapter 11

February 02, 2023

Double one's!! It's been another year bursting with love for you and watching you grow into a bigger, more amazing version of you.

Every day I am so keen to hear about what's happened at school, I love how much you love being there. It's one of your safe spaces and you are so loved by all. Most kids would be thrilled to have the school closed for a burst pipe or the heating not working, but not you! Your little chin crumples, and your eyes go wide, and your brow furrows, and you are just so very sad if school is closed. Which always makes for an interesting summer... I think if you had your way you would stay there forever. You are a Favourite. A Star Pupil. Actually, you've already been awarded student of the week more times than I can count, are on the student council, though you aren't too sure what you're involvement is, and you now have a shiny new badge as Kindness Ambassador. You take great pride marching in the hallways and directing students to their classes, or helping someone in need. On our recent education plan, you wrote in the "What I want to be in the future' section quite specifically- 'When I am 17 I will be a TA, and when I am 25 an illustrator'. When questioned further about where you would be a TA, you replied, "I will be a teaching assistant at my school, of course'. Of course!!! I don't think they will ever let you go- and nor would you want to! You took your role as Postman Pat in the Christmas performance most seriously, and whilst your school peers gleefully ran around in joyful chaos, you delivered your role studiously and without mistake. Seeing you so confident and happy at school is such a huge turnaround from all those years ago, and every single day I whisper a quiet thank you to that amazing school.

Your limitless creativity overspills into your drawings which are becoming so detailed and your characters taking on more complex forms. You will disappear for hours upstairs with your new desk space which allows you to fully embrace all aspects of your art, and you present later with a full-on detailed drawing involving teeth, someone running away, and normally Pineapple Head in the corner. We are always wowed by your pieces. You adore creating board games full of evil twists and turns which makes you cackle with glee when one of the players (normally dad) is sent to their doom, so close to the finish line too. You delight in making all of the character pieces, drawing out the board, filling it in with monsters, slides, instructions, cards. You name it, it's all there. Your whole face lights up with joy as you explain the game to us, and we can't but laugh at the genius of it.

You still love trying new foods, and we love going out to restaurants now as we know you'll be OK with the food choices if given enough notice. Surprisingly, mussels with spaghetti makes you jump up and down with excitement, or anchovies and olives smothered over your pizza (yuck!). Your favourite lunch for school is a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Where did that boy go who lived off of beige?? You laugh at him now and say "remember when all I ate was nuggets and chips' Oh yes I very much do, how could I ever forget that time.

One of the best things we have done this past year is visit St Ives and take ourselves to the water! Donned in wetsuits and armed with bodyboards, we have all had such a blast. Your determination to master the bodyboard is relentless, and you strive to keep up with your sisters. You try so hard at everything you do, to the point that you are beyond distraught if you think you are unable to do so. Explaining to you that things take time is still an ongoing lesson and a difficult concept to grasp, but I know with your passion to do your best you will be able to achieve anything you put your huge sponge of a brain to.

Your need for routine is obvious, and you have mastered this yourself. Obeying all screen time rules is a dream for us as you switch your ipad off at 5 and take out a book, unlike your sisters who hide their screens away thinking we have forgotten. Your wake up call at 6:30 every morning. Even on the weekends, with a "DAAAAAAAD!! HAVE YOU FED THE DOGS?' Sonny- it's Sunday, go back to bed!

Sometimes our wakeups are more dramatic if there has been an incident, such as the cat leaving a mouse somewhere, or something has spilled in the kitchen. I remember one time recently, you screaming up the stairs at an ungodly hour, ‘OH NOOOOO OH NOOOOO OH NOOOOOO IM SORRY IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRY’ Me trying to unstick my eyelids and wondering what time it is as it’s still dark, asking what over and over again. Whats happened?? 'OHHH IM SORRRY IM SORRRRYYYYY!!!' Whats happened? What on earth is going on??? Finally… drum roll… 'I spilled the yogurt!!!!! AHHHHHH and the dogs have eaten it!!'

And I collapse back in bed. Thank the heavens for that I thought the house was burning down. Sweet lord. Time for me to get up, tidy up, and then console a very upset you who thinks the world has flipped on its head. And in moments like these we have to go back a few steps, take some breaths, and remind ourselves what the size of the problem is. And I am also reminded of this incident as I look at the dog who still has yogurt on his face. 

What I'm getting at is every day with you is so unique, there's always a smile or a laugh to be had from your journey that day. Your endless noise making fills the house, and it's so very quiet when you're not here. You fill our lives with colour, light, love, joy. Your little pearls of insight are priceless. I love every moment. Happy birthday sweet boy. xx