Elle's big 12

March 16, 2022

Birthday love. I love how the excitement doesn't wane but just gets bigger and better every year! The countdown, the squeals of joy. The 'I can't wait!!'.

My super kind-hearted girl. With the best intentions at heart and the need to please everyone. You still have that mischievous twinkle in your eye and a huge cheshire cat grin with your little dimple at the side, eyes lighting up when a new idea or thought quickly enters your mind. The need to share that thought is oh so much, and you talk a mile a minute to get every word out as if you are worried you might lose the ability to talk. You love to share everything, from the moment you wake up and recount the dreams you had, to discussing the subjects you'll have at school, then you disappear for the day only to burst through the door at 3:15 and ready to fill the air with your stories of the day. At times I find this distracting when I am in the middle of something, but I love hearing your sweet voice so much, and love hearing everything that you have done.

It seems forever ago when you were in primary school, and now you are a big year 7 and completely in love with the school and every club it has to offer.  Your blazer is adorned with all your pins which you gleefully tell me allows you to skip the queue at lunch time so that you can attend whatever club is happening that day. You are so keen to be a part of everything, and there's not enough of you to actually be able to do it all. Eagerly participating in Sustainability Club, Library Leader, School Choir, Drama, Hockey, Football. I don't know what you are doing one day from the next! You took part in the Milton Keynes Drama Festival with two of your friends and delighted in writing your own play. You light up when you are on stage, and it was a joy to watch you perform. Your group came first, and your hard work paid off. Already you are thinking of plot ideas for next years festival.

You also love taking part in your drama club outside of school, relishing in your big performance at Christmas time, determined not to get Covid so that you wouldn't miss out. You lit up the stage, it's like you were meant to be there.

I can see an entrepreneur emerging in you as you put yourself out there with money making schemes. Making bracelets to sell, and trying to work out the next project idea that will make you money. This is all to fund your way into acting, or if that doesn't pan out you would happily be a writer.

You put 110% into everything you do, your work, your projects, your friendships. You are surrounded by friends all the time, and if you aren't, then you are on the phone, catching up with the latest news. You love being with people so much, something that has never changed.

You are such a darling girl, and your happiness makes us so happy and proud. I love all the time we spend together, I love how you fill the room when you enter, it's never a dull moment with you around. You are just such a joyous person bursting with love and empathy for everyone. You are always on the move, you can never sit still. You must be touching something all the time, fiddling, poking, prodding. Laughing, singing, living your best life. Always the clown, always pushing the boundaries that little. bit. more. We say it often; you will go so far in life. Your passion in all that you do will get you there.

Every day with you is such a blessing. x