Sonny and the two digits

January 28, 2022

The holiest of birthdays. This is it, the one you've been waiting for. The two-digits. What an epic year indeed my little potato! Who has transformed in front of my very eyes! A part from the sudden growing where everything you put on seems 2 sizes too small, emotionally -wow- you have really got a grasp of things.

One of my favourite things that we do that has come from lockdown (all those moons ago...) is us having a family meal together at the end of the day. And I think this is one of your highlights too. You sit at the head of the table for all to hear and see, and talk. And talk. And talk, while we eat. You love being involved with everyone, to the point where you have really pushed yourself with trying new foods. Two years ago, the food favourites were nuggets and chips, pizza, pasta, basically anything beige. But no? Step on over Jamie Oliver and lend us your books! We have a vegetable eater, a "fruit-trier", and your favourite meal- fish pie. Thats right. Prawns? Love them. Noodles? Throw in some chopsticks. Honestly,  180 degree transformation and I could not be happier! 

Your days of turning into the Hulk are few and far between now. What would once cause an explosion of catastrophic events, you are now able to put things into perspective, take some breaths, and only let Hulk's little pinky finger out. You are in so much more control, and this just makes me so happy and relieved. Because for a long time it did worry me. You are such a special, incredible boy, even your teachers are immensely proud of how you have emotionally matured. I even have your lovely Head of School ring me on numerous occasions, to say how proud she is of you (and of course to say how brilliant you are in general!). I hear you in the background, "Hey mum!" as you carry on with a task such as shredding papers.

Your favourite thing at the moment is Marvel, Thor, etc. Your love for knowledge is still at a high, absorbing everything in and reading books a mile a minute. Covid finally caught you, much to your dismay as it meant you had to miss school, which was not cool in your eyes. So we did Maths worksheets, reading, workbooks, you name it. You adore school and are a star pupil. And while we sit with our phones, you whip the calculator out with joy and continue to work out how time is different in Space and delight in telling me how many Earth hours equal so many minutes on Jupiter.

The lego love continues, your entire chubby little face lights up at a new lego set, but you are also beyond happy to sit for literally hours in your room creating your own lego monstrosities. Your love for drawing has also endured, with your incredibly unique confident style. You are just so creative, including the way you describe things. One of my favourites this year - "A slime with eyebrows" when you were describing a slug. 

You are certainly the class clown, keen to make those around you laugh and be happy. You are so sensitive to what everyone around you is feeling, and there's nothing more you love than a good joke. Your big eyes still seem disproportionate to your face and take up most of it, which are so incredibly beautiful it's very hard not to get trapped in them.

My little superstar, I love you so much I just can't contain it sometimes. You are at such a wonderful age and being around you is just the best thing ever. You are so funny and smart, and kind, and thoughtful. You are still my little boy and I just want to keep you that way forever. Off to find you for a squeeze....