Sadie and Bev @ Eversholt Hall!

July 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Well, this is such a treat!! I haven't had the opportunity to blog some gorgeous wedding photos in just THE LONGEST TIME EVER thanks to the C-word. I met Sadie and Bev in November 2018 to talk about their July wedding in 2020 and instantly liking them. With the world turning upside down, they made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding to June this year. As the nation held its breath every time the Prime Minister made an announcement, I could not believe when the proposed date of all restrictions being lifted was just three days after their new wedding date. I asked them what they planned to do, and was just over the moon to hear that they weren't waiting around anymore for what may or may not be and they were getting married NO MATTER WHAT! And do you know, I am so happy that they did! This date was for keeps, and just as well really because the 21st quickly deflated like a whoopie cushion anyway!!

I eagerly met with them 2 days before the wedding for the rehearsal and we enjoyed a most beautiful evening and sunset, but we knew it wasn't going to last. Bev is a huge part of the cricket community and the groundskeeper so he was on the pitch getting the covers ready for the impending rain. It would seem we had used our 2 week summer sun quota and the heavens were on their way with a bucket load of rain. And rain it did. Biblical proportions. But it was beautiful. It did not dampen one spirit, though I did notice Bev looking at the sodden pitch with a hint of grief.

Their day enforced the love that these two and all their friends and family have. It was all just WOW. The guests, Sadie, Bev, they all just embraced every moment of that most beautiful day, and I could not be more happy for them.

You guys finally did it, it was a wet one, but it did not stop the dancing and the love.




Venue: Eversholt Hall

Wedding dress: Gowns and Garters in Thrapston

Bridesmaids dresses: David's Bridal

Flowers: The Flower Boutique UK

Hair: Charlotte Hemel Hair

Cake: Mini Cakes from Sponge

Musician: Tristan Mackay

Bev's suit: Hugo Boss


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