Alex and Daz

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I first met Alex and Daz two years ago at her sister Justine's wedding. It was a wonderful day to be a part of and their family were so lovely.  I was overjoyed when Alex got in touch last year and excitedly told me about their upcoming wedding at Dodmoor House this year! I did a little clap of the hands, oh yes. 

Arriving super early to create a tower of sticky, sugary, finger lickin' good Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the girls arrived hair all done up, wearing super cute matching dressing gowns. I had the biggest hug from Justine followed by Alex, and I was just immensely excited to be there. 

Working with Molly again was wonderful, and seeing the family was so welcoming, I felt so at ease and enjoyed the day so much, I felt very much a part of the excitement as the day unfolded. The emotions ran high throughout the day starting with Alex's dad seeing her in her beautiful lace gown. Then Daz not being able to keep it together when he saw Alex walking down the aisle towards him. We all got misty eyed watching the two hold hands and declare their love for each other in front of us all. 

Being a converse lover, I was in awe of the custom made bridal shoes by converse, and loved that the bridesmaids had a pair too. Justine's little one had the same ones I did! (though mine were slightly larger...!). There were some torrential showers, but we caught some magical sun in the evening. 

Armed with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts I happily drove home thinking about what an amazing day it had been, how we had caught some amazing moments in the evening sun, and about the holiday I would be getting up for in just 5 hours! A super end to the start of my summer holidays! Thanks for an amazing day xx

With thanks to:

Venue: Dodmoor House

Bride's shoes: Converse

Bridesmaid's dresses: Little Mistress

Bride's dress: A Bride's World, Northampton

Videographer: Molly Lewis

Florist: Green Room Flowers

Cake: Krispy Kreme





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