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E to the L to the O to the I to the S to the E!

March 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

That loud yet little voice you can hear cutting through all the other noise in the playground, or the park, or even the supermarket. That's my kid. I never have to worry about locating Eloise amongst a sea of faces, I can hear her (as can everyone else) at least a mile away. She has a way of being seen and heard. She has a presence. You just KNOW when Eloise is in the room, she demands your attention. Right. This. Very. Minute! She's like a cheerleader, cheering you on, clapping, whooping loudly, 'WhoooHOOOOOOO"!! I've taken her several times to watch Isabelle at gymnastics. She is so loud, so so loud. Competitions... heads turn to watch Eloise with her screams of delight. I have to limit her attendance there... 

She is a bright sparkly pink force of nature, very much a girlie girl, wanting long looooong hair like Rapunzel, and the pinkest of dresses like Aurora. Yet she is one of the scruffiest children I know. Her hair is a tangled mess, her clothes are normally something she has worn the day before, or whatever is lying nearest to her on the floor which involves minimal effort to put on (a dress normally, stains and all, or a pair of leggings that she wears half way off her bum).  She adores wearing her 'clipity clops' (to us non royals high heels), and amazingly can walk better in these than a pair of flat shoes. A hair band always graces her head, my little collage of family photos that I have finally got round to putting up after 5 years features a different hairband in every one. We always joke it's how we know if she's happy. If she isn't wearing one (which is oh so rare!) then it's not a good day...

She continues to be one of the most thoughtful people I know. Always needing to know where everyone is, how they are feeling, what they are 'dooing'. Her heart aches if she knows someone is hurt or upset, she worries if someone is on their own, and feels the need to be with them and comfort them. She also needs to be with someone most of the time, even if that person (normally her little brother), doesn't actually want her there and then she just gets in the way. She's a bumbler. It's the perfect word to describe her. She bumbles about. Like a bumble bee, floating around, sometimes getting in the way, quite clumsy and all over the place, constantly making a noise. But also like a bee, she is so bright and never gives up. She reminds me of warm lazy days and bright spring flowers. 

Her current love is lego. It seems to have taken over the top floor of the O household. Eloise wants all the pink girly lego; castles, friends, pets, people- completely unlike her older sister who wants the Batman and Star Wars. She lives in her own little make believe world, bringing the most mundane of inanimate objects to life (I hear myself constantly saying, PLEASE stop making your knife and fork talk to each other and just eat your dinner!!!). It's exhausting. 

Her need for love and attention is immense. She loves love. She loves seeing people in love, she loves being loved, hugged, kissed, cuddled, squeezed. She is so incredibly affectionate. To the point where she came home from school with a note saying she had been told several times to stop constantly hugging people. This made me laugh in one way as it's so Eloise. It made me proud of her for being such a caring person. It made me cherish her for being so full of love and innocence. So I told her to keep on hugging, because we live in a world that could do with more hugs. Hugs are good. Hugs are great! Just check it's OK with the person you are hugging first... 

She is thrilled to be turning 7. She has been planning this day since the day after her 6th birthday. It's been a long year of lists, party ideas, gifts, what to wear, what the cake will be. The build up has been huge. I remember being little, and birthdays were all-consuming. They were the most exciting day ever (bar Christmas). It was a continuous countdown. And now I have this 7 year old, who I am so proud of, and love with all my being. Who wanted to wear her most favourite pinkest of pink party princess dress and clipity clops for our little shoot. Who wanted to dance around in the cold even when it started to rain and didn't even grumble. Who chose the hair band that least went with her outfit because she didn't care what everyone else thought about her dress sense. 

I can't wait to see her face on her birthday, when she sees all the balloons, when she opens the pink glittery princess tiara (Oh My God she is going to freak out), and when she sees the MASSIVE lego dream house from her grandparents. I know her big blue eyes and her huge mouth will be so big with awe they will take over her face entirely! She will soak up every minute of love, attention, happiness, pinkness and just swell until she pops. She won't be able to control herself, I know it. She will infect us all with her brightness and it will be such a super happy day. 

Love our girl, who is so fierce yet gentle. So kind and thoughtful, so logical yet clumsy, and so full of love and spirit xx 




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You write and photograph from the heart Laura. It's simply beautiful x
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