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Where the Wild Things Are

May 30, 2016  •  1 Comment
I look at my darling girl and my heart just completely swells with love and pride. As she is getting older, I feel myself wanting to be near her more, wanting to hold her closer to me for hugs and kisses. I think because I am watching her grow so fast, and I know that one day she wont entertain sitting on my lap for endless minutes, even now she is like a bird getting restless, wanting to hop off and just BE. I hold back tears when I watch her dancing and singing with so much joy and innocence spread all over her little face. It is truly amazing how if you take a step back, you can just see and feel how much your children have changed in such short periods of time. I love watching her grow into this amazing person, but I am finding it so hard to let her spread her wings and fly. She is becoming more aware of those around her, their feelings, how she has a part to play in it all. She has shown so much strength and courage, and her unfaltering happiness just makes me want to squeeze her so tightly! She throws herself around cartwheeling, backflipping, bouncing, she is and always has been a bundle of energy, like a powerful atom molecule, so tiny and compact but just buzzing with an electrical pulse.
I do believe we relive our lives through our children, we try to remember the world as they see it through their eyes, we try to relive those moments of pure exhilaration, being fearless, being care free. Breathing in warm summer air, learning new things all the time, seeing life with wonder and awe and without expectation. I love trying to look at the world through Isabelle's pale blue eyes, it takes me to a magical place. A place with endless possibilities, with no limitations. Her physical ability makes me want to leap up and fly when I watch her soar through the air with such ease and grace, she gives me wings. She gives me heart.

I love the time I spend with her, I am blessed having her as my daughter, and my mini friend. I love hanging out with her, talking about random stuff, having a silly giggle, and re-living my childhood as I watch her run through the long grass in the lazy sun. It makes me feel free, it makes all the bad stuff go away, all the long days, the hard times, the uncertainty about what lies ahead melt away for that moment in time. It's something pretty amazing. And I love her for sharing that gift with me. My beautiful girl, 8 years old.

You'll find her where the wild things are xx






Izzy is so beautiful Laura, and she has your eyes 100% Your posts always make me cry. Happy birthday Izzy xxx
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