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From the very beginning Isabelle has always asserted her own 'style'. I would buy beautiful dresses and accessories only to be disappointed when they would be left in an unloved pile in the corner of her room. She would much rather mix and match clothes spanning the last few years and create her own ensemble, so I have given up buying clothes on my own initiative for her to wear. She is a little creative genius and I am not sure whether to bet on her aspiring to be a fashion designer, book illustrator, or even a tattoo artist when she is a flown fledgling. A few weeks ago she asked me if I could buy her a tie for her to wear to school (there are no ties in their uniform), so I went along and found a cheapie £3 jobbie from primark (powder blue, with little paisley printed flowers), and also on my shopping trip from Next a beautiful flowery summery dress so I bought them both. Feeling very pleased with myself I presented both to my now 7 year old, and her entire face lit up the room when she saw that tie. The dress got a glance over. So the tie was a success and she wont part with it. To the point where she gets dressed in her PJs, goes to bed, then when we go back in later that night she is fully dressed in her school uniform ready for the morning. Yeah.

Her favourite outfit at the moment is her 'cat' costume she has created, consisting of her black gymnastics leotard, little black shorts with tights underneath, pink neon leg warmers, pink gloves, and a scarf tucked in as a tail. Or for just hanging around, normally a double denim combo with denim shorts over leggings and her favourite denim cropped gilet with her hair done up to the side. She looks good, I have to say.

Her most favourite school day to date was very recently when her teacher was off sick (harsh I know!) but it meant they had a supply teacher so what did they do? They did art ALL DAY MUMMY! And it was the best. day. ever. I wonder how long she will happily have rainbows and fairies in her head. In the evenings after my little energiser bunny has done gymnastics, she really enjoys sketching with her dad, and it makes her so happy.

For her birthday this year, the thing she wanted to do soo badly, the thing that was better than bowling, better than build-a-bear, the cinema, even the splashzone (though she did hesitate), was a trip to the Safety Centre. What is this fun place I hear you ask? Well... hold on to your seats! It's an educational safety trip that they provide for school trips and groups. Yes that's it. She first told me about the Safety Centre months ago when they went on a school trip. She went on and on and on. Then we were taking the girls to a soft play (near the SC), and she was bouncing in her seat asking, 'Are we going to the safety centre?!?' Ummm no the soft play.... "oh, can we go there next time??'. So when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said the Safety Centre I rolled my eyes and said no, you can do this, this or this, they dont do parties at the Safety Centre. Long story short and a phonecall to a bemused employee at the centre and voila, that is where we are going this year. So it will certainly be one to remember, cake and all.


So, I have a 7 year old now, and that makes me feel very old! As well as incredibly lucky, a little sad, and a bit panicky that the time is slipping so fast away from me and I am losing my grasp on it. When did my tiny, squished little baby turn into this beautiful grown up girl before my eyes? It's all such a gift. Happy birthday to my aspiring fasionista xxx





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