Thank you for checking out my work to see if I am the photographer you have been looking for. I genuinely mean that. I love photography. I love even more sharing my photography with others. So even if you decide I'm not the photographer for you, it still means a lot that you have hopped on over here to see a little part of my life.



If, like me, you find a photoshoot daunting and just want someone nice, happy, relaxed to just do it all for you, and create amazing images of you and loved ones, then hi. That's me. I adore what I do. I'm pretty easy-going, and as a mum of three small (untamable) children, I'm pretty much on their level. Kids open up to me, and have a lot of fun on our session. I'm engaging with them, most importantly, I listen to them- and that is the key. There's no stress, it doesn't matter if they would rather be chasing dragons or crawling like crocodiles along the grass, the point is they have fun. It really shows in the photos. They're happy, which makes you happy, which just makes my day. So put the stress on the backburner, get your climbing gear on and let's find some trees!


Whether expecting your first, second, or fifth, you can't beat that total amazement of carrying that little bubba inside you. It's just miraculous. I love maternity shoots, they are just amazing. It is an amazing experience for me. I actually re-live my pregnancies through these shoots (well, obvs not totally that would be a little strange, and I am a lot more mobile!). It's that special bond a mother has with her unborn child that is just incredible to capture on camera. That special time for you and your baby. But it's also about your partner, and seeing how it lights them up inside to see how amazing you are as a woman, how awe-inspiring you are.


You've had your baby. All shiny and new. And of course, being immensely proud of this new tiny life you have created you want to show him or her off to everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Even the post man probably! (I remember my Nan telling me how she adoringly shows off all the photos of her great grandchildren to her postman...). Newborns are magical. So tiny and squished... so new. I love photographing them and all their tiny little details. The fluffy downy hair on their bodies. Their perfect little belly buttons. Those smooshed up little faces and curled up fingers and toes. It changes in a heartbeat. Next thing you know you'll be feeding them spaghetti bolognese and chasing after them as they whizz down the street on their scooters...! Not for awhile though. Enjoy it. x


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If you haven't gathered by now, I am a little bit 'out there', but totally passionate about my work, and ensure you get the best from me. xx


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