Let it goooooooooo!!!

March 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My E machine turns 5! And her birthday wouldn't be complete without a bit of Frozen thrown in. We had her party at the weekend... EVERYTHING was blue of course. In her deep voice happily singing the songs out of tune. Very cute most of the time!!

Another year -whoosh- has gone by! And my little Eloise is not so little anymore. She seems to have adopted the role of 'mother' to her little brother Sonny, constantly fussing. She is still very much my little girl, smothering me in kisses and her trademark bear hugs, but her way of thinking is older. She is able to think more rationally, and control her explosive temper (most of the time!). She is incredibly caring, and always needs to know the whereabouts of her special people. Where are they, what are they doing, where are they going next. And so the cycle of questions repeats. She is a character at school, often found somewhere she shouldn't be, or nominating herself as the 'special person' for the day which allows her to fetch the register, regardless if she is anointed special person or not. I must find out if they still have a sign up in the teacher's lounge saying, 'If you see Eloise wandering the halls please challenge her as it is highly likely she shouldn't be there'. Though she is terribly convincing, and once she has an idea in her head it is hard to argue against her.

She has developed a love for learning, and her big blue eyes get even wider when she is thinking deeply about something. There are too many words that need to come out at once and she starts stuttering a little and her eyes get even wider. There seems to be no filter between her mouth and brain, and it all just comes out. And it makes you just want to give her a squeeze. She's so squeezable. 

When her older sister turned 5 I dug my wedding dress out of its box and we did a little session where she tried it on, and it was magical. So I knew for Elle's 5th I would do the same. She loved it. I then had the challenge of getting it back in the box after as she was adamant she would wear it all day. Giving me those big blues which are so hard to resist.

My Elle-boo is just such a delightful little girl and just so incredibly happy. I love how she gives her entire self into something she loves, she makes me feel so loved, and so proud. My gorgeous EB. Xxx






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