LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥: Blog en-us (C) LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥ (LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:29:00 GMT Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:29:00 GMT LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥: Blog 120 79 The E with all the questions... Oh my E... and her intense thirst for knowledge of any kind. To know everything. I know kids ask a lot of questions. A lot a lot of questions. Eloise has always been relentless with her questioning. And I KNOW that's actually a really great thing, and something I should be patient with and embrace, but a lot of the time I simply find it exhausting. I think half the time it's because she isn't actually listening to the conversation, so is playing catch up. My brain just exploded.

She is obsessed over word searches, doing them at every available minute, her colossal 365 page book her muse. She takes it to bed and secretly continues her search after lights out. Her constant maths times tables or arithmetic games, mummy whats 34 x 276? um..... (as if she knows...!). 

I do feel guilty a lot of the time, I think being the middle child must sometimes suck. I'll glance up from my emails, or from cooking, or just whatever unimportant thing I am doing, and I'll suddenly see her there. Trying to get someone's attention. Being that little bit louder than the others, being a bit naughty, being a pain in the bum. And she does it because she needs to feel that love, that connection with another being. She has always been so connected to everyone around her, needing to be in their space, needing to be seen and heard and loved. (We all hear her... there's no denying that). 

I talk to my grandma a lot about all my children, but we always circle back to Eloise. I think because she's stubborn and sharp, like my Grandpa, and mischievous and passionate, like my mother. My grandma is so taken with her, and fondly tells me she can't wait to see what path Eloise will take. We agree that she can do anything she wants to in life, she has that mental ability, that persistence, that grit that you need to survive. She has the foresight and the determination to achieve anything she wants, the key being if she wants it. If it's something she doesn't want to do, then you have a fight on your hands. 

My little magpie who still gasps at anything sparkly, her eyes turning into wide orbs as she stretches her arms out to touch and hold it. Her poetry book and little box of mish-mashed trinkets being the most important things in the wold alongside her people (and word search book...).

She has continued to show how incredibly caring and thoughtful she is, running to anyone's aide if they call out. Wondering if everyone is OK. Comforting those that look sad, including the dog. 'Mummy, why does Alro always look so sad?' 'Hon that's just his face, he's OK really.' 'I'll just go and give him a hug', poor dog's eyes popping out of his head. I know I need to nurture these feelings she has, so she doesn't ever lose her love for love. 

She simply is a shimmering, sparkling, loud, giggling, cloud of happiness racing at a hundred miles an hour, engulfing everyone and everything in her path. Shrieking with glee along the way. Ungracefully leaping into the air, landing with a loud thud and an explosion of laughter. Eloise continues to light up the place when she arrives, 'Ta-Da!' making sure no one has missed her entrance. Gigantic ocean eyes quickly darting from one person to the next, clocking you in, making sure you are paying attention, marking your attendance at this most special performance of Eloise's Life. Always shine bright little one xoxo

I love you like xo




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Steff and Karl's winter wedding You know when it's going to be a good day. When I met Steff and Karl on their engagement shoot, with their big smiles and twinkly warm eyes, I just knew their wedding day was going to be brilliant. 

I arrived at the hotel full of my good vibes and was warmly greeted by Steff and Sarah getting pampered for the day ahead and recognised two familiar faces doing the hair and make up. I love how in this industry I get to meet amazing, talented people and working with them time and time again is such a privilege and such joy. The girls were so relaxed and just enjoying the morning and discussing how incredibly lucky the weather was, especially after a week of some weird snow/rain/wet precipitation and horrid winds. Yeah today was a beamer. 

After rearranging the room (as I do!), I bounced off to meet Karl and the guys getting ready over at Dodmoor. I just love being in this venue, I have worked here several times now and count myself super lucky to say that. It's just utterly gorgeous. The setting, the buildings, the staff, it's just all top notch. The newly refurbed bridal suite had me giddy with glee and I got a bit snap happy as I photographed the guys desperately trying to get their pocket tissues folded just so (I wasn't much help by adding pressure to their folding skills!). They all looked really amazing in their Marc Darcy attire, I really love that look and it just fit so perfectly with the setting and atmosphere of the day. 

We jumped outside into the warm sun and floated around the grounds for some pics, with Jeffery the mascot of the venue keeping tabs on us, and even partaking in a few photos. Guests started to arrive and everyone was doing little dances to keep warm outside as it was rather chilly!

Steff then arrived in the most beautiful Beauford Tourer which was a surprise for her and Karl from her parents. She just beamed, her smile said it all. 

The ceremony was brilliant, with giggles and jokes and even the registrar had to stop to compose herself as we were all laughing so much. This set the tone for the day, and everyone was on super high spirits. Afternoon tea was served (I was in awe, I love afternoon tea, and to have it at a wedding I think is just the bees knees), with witty cracking speeches to follow. Hot chocolate and little beautiful cakes were served in the evening, displayed against the most unusual magnificent cake masterpiece that Karl and his dad had crafted, with their little gorgeous cupcakes surrounding.

The evening was topped up with a cigar bar (seriously how cool are these two?!), followed by a spectacular sparkler arch (honestly, no one does it better than Dodmoor...), followed by a heartwarming first dance with Steff and her dad, and then her new Mr White for their first dance as Mr and Mrs. 

It was, all in all, the best start to the wedding season for me. It was beyond my expectations, I am so thrilled and feel so blessed to have been there. Just the coolest. Wedding. Ever. You guys rock, and I wish you bucket loads of happiness and joy xx





Thanks to:

Venue: Dodmoor House, Northamptonshire

Cake: (Stand made by Karl and his dad!) Gardner's Bakery

Wedding dress: The Tailors Cat

Shoes: ASOS

Hair: Elizabeth Jane Wedding Hair

Makeup: Sarah Evans Makeup

Groom's attire: Marc Darcy

Flowers: Green Room Flowers

Car: Spirit Wedding Carriages


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Sonny I remember super clearly about a year ago, before Sonny turned 5. We were walking home from school with a friend and her kids, and her little boy, Sonny's age, turned to her and said, 'I love you SO much Mummy, you're the best mummy ever!'. And inside I wept a little, because I couldn't even imagine Sonny saying that to me, not on his own accord.

3 months ago, and I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget, Sonny and I were sat in the kitchen, him across from me. He looked up at me, all serious, with his massive eyes fixed on mine, and said, 'Mummy, this is important...(pause) You are the best mummy in the world.' And that moment was just like, wow. It was a slow exhale. I mean, my heart swells up now even reminiscing over it. As his language has flourished the last year, we have seen how big his heart is, how loving and caring he is. And my god, how funny he is! He's such a gorgeous, beautiful, loving boy. I am so touched when others come up to tell me how wonderful he is, how fascinating he is, how enamored they are with him. He has this effect on a lot of people. Sonny attracts those that are kind, and see the beauty in life. To be with him, and to see a glimmer into his world is fascinating. To just sit and watch him, to be invited by him to interact on some level into his world is just such a gift. He is such a beautiful soul, with the best intentions at heart. And as with all little boys, his interests have moved on from Dinosaurs to planets and the solar system, reciting off the planets and their moons, and he has even started to draw them now which I can't even begin to say what a huge leap forward that is. The planets are waning slightly with the newest fascination of snakes that has taken hold. And what they eat.... (gross....). What snake is this? And this? what do they eat? what does he eat? Then answering his own questions. Making up new snakes.. this is a coconut snake... What does it eat? Making snakes with blue tack (this is Pinky, made from pink tack...), curling it beautifully, precisely, and so realistically it's insane- perhaps a future skill in there? His entire face lighting up when we go to the pet shop to look at the snakes (and anything else that might be there). Sitting for hours in the museum across from the preserved snakes and just watching them, wondering where they are from, what they did, how they moved, and of course, what they ate. Scribbling squiggly lines that represent snakes, lots and lots of snakes, so many lines. Over and over. Looking almost like something from 'Stranger Things' or some parallel universe that is trying to communicate through Sonny. Telling me affectionately that mummy, you are a snake. A cuddly lovely snake. There's a compliment in there somewhere I just know it. 

My husband aptly has called this past year for Sonny, 'The Year of the Shorts'. Meaning simply that. He has worn nothing but his most favourite pair of (too small) shorts and breezy summer t-shirt pretty much every day for a year. That's a lot of nights washing and drying to make sure it's A-OK for the morning (is it 'cleam' mummy?! yes Sonny, it will be clean...). Anything else is a massive NO GO ZONE!! We are talking a red, brick wall of anger, the red mist, the just 'don't even go there' zone. It's cold, raining, snowing (Oh I couldn't even watch), winds howling, yep... there we are in the shorts and t shirt. And here come the stares, the looks of disapproval from onlookers. My god what a terrible parent. Well there we are. We have managed on occasion to convince (bribe) him that perhaps a cardi (erm, SpiderMan only), or a jacket might be in his best interests as he is turning blue and *sometimes* this is OK. Until we enter a building or similar then it has to come off. Along with the socks and shoes. Adding more time to the already busy schedule of getting somewhere on time. 

As our children grow, our lives are ever changing as we all adapt to each other. Sonny is no different to this, and I am learning that we have to find our own rhythm to make our lives work, not someone else's. Sonny keeps us on our toes, keeps us guessing what's next. We have no idea. We can make plans and dreams, but right now we are so focused on all our children being happy, seeing them thrive is such joy. It's exhausting at times, I hold my head in my hands and cry, I reach out to my girls for help when it's us four bustling about during the weekdays and Sonny refuses point blank to wear his uniform or decides to take it all off as we are literally walking out the door, and I take respite when the weekend comes and I can just take myself away for 5 blissful minutes. But I know I will look back on these times fondly, as they are my moments with them all and no moment will ever repeat itself. I learn from every hug, every tantrum, every meal time, every whisper. It's all part of the puzzle I am piecing together. I wonder if one day we will be able to see fully what and how Sonny sees this world, if he will be able to convey that to us, but for now I just love him being so affectionate and gorgeous and innocent, and to see so much happiness in his little cheeky face. To watch him as he thinks about something, as he sounds it out, feeling the words and visualising them. To search his eyes when he is so deeply in thought... It really makes me feel like I'm part of something special, something awesome.

The year of the shorts... I wonder what this next year will bring!




And I just have to add this last photo my friend has sent to me on this birthday which I think sums up so much right now. Love this x

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Rebecca and John-Paul at Fawlsey Hall Rebecca and John-Paul's wedding was like a fairy tale. Everything was enchantingly beautiful, from the venue, to the decor, to the bridesmaids, and to Rebecca, who looked utterly perfect on her wedding day. I arrived on a misty morning to the room full of laughter, with makeup in one corner and hair in the other. Krispy Kreme doughnuts, champagne, Jimmy Choos, it was all fabulous. I had been so looking forward to this final wedding of the year, Rebecca and John are just the nicest, most sincere couple and I knew their day was going to be brilliant. I finally got to meet the amazingly talented Georgianna whose work I have been following for some time as she creates stunning floral masterpieces for a lot of the weddings I have photographed for, so to meet her in person was so wonderful. 

Everyone seemed super relaxed and chilled out, there was no flapping around or rushing, it was all calm and breezy. I went with Rebecca's cousin Michaela to deliver Rebecca's surprise present for John-Paul, a beautiful TAG watch which was so emotional to watch as he unwrapped the unexpected gift. He handed over two beautiful little parcels in return. Rebecca was a delight to watch as she first unwrapped a pair of gorgeous Tiffany pearl stud earrings, followed by her dream pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes. The dilemma was which Jimmy's to wear on the day?! One for the day, and the other saved for the evening. Perfect. With her maid of honour flown in from Dubai on hand to help, Rebecca looked like a princess as the final touches were in place before she went down to the ceremony room.

It was a gorgeous ceremony. I was blown away with how amazing everyone was, the room was just buzzing with laughter and love. I knew I was going to be in for an incredibly special day. And I was right. Despite the unexpected rain, and the bitter cold, we managed to get some photos outside, before quickly heading in for the wedding breakfast. The tables were decorated beautifully, and the room was lit with gorgeous chandeliers. The speeches were just the best this year, hilariously funny, incredibly moving, and extremely witty. I was laughing, crying, and just beaming with happiness for the perfect pair. 

The evening ended with the most spectacular fireworks display. I had been worrying about this for weeks as it was out of my comfort zone, and went away feeling like I hadn't captured the shot, but was delighted to find that with the help of fireworks specialist and also wedding photographer Mark, I had actually finished my shoot with the perfect ending. 

Rebecca and John, I can't think you enough for making me feel so welcome, for being so patient with me, and for asking me to photograph your incredibly special day. You two are just wonderful and I couldn't be happier for you xx


Thanks to:

Venue: Fawsley Hall (thanks Stevie!)

Dress: Augusta Jones
Cake: Made by bridesmaid Sarah's mum

Flowers by the amazing Georgianna at Jade's Flower Boutique

Grooms attire: Hugo Boss

Bridesmaid's dresses: Biba

Shoes: Jimmy Choo



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) augusta jones bridal biba bridesmaids fawsley hall fireworks wedding flawless hugo boss hugo boss wedding jades flower boutique jimmy choo wedding lauraophotography tiffany wedding winter wedding Fri, 22 Dec 2017 20:32:45 GMT
Natalie and Ray at Dodmoor House Natalie and Ray's wedding day was so beautiful and so perfect for a winter's day in November. It was so cold, but the sunshine was just beautiful and I was really surprised and delighted when everyone chose to be outside in the sunshine to celebrate such a gorgeous day. I had completely lost my voice, so things were a little tricky with rallying up the guests, but thankfully everyone was really understanding (and patient!) as I flapped my arms this way and that. 

Natalie and Ray are just the loveliest people. They have shared so many journeys in life, and it was wonderful to see them and their friends and family come together to celebrate in style. There was a lot of love, a lot of laughs, and so much kindness it was a joy to have been witness to their marriage. The day ended perfectly with some sparklers which were just amazing!

I'm super happy for them both, and very thankful to have been there to share the day with them. Some of my faves xx




Thanks to:

Venue: Dodmoor House

Dress: To Have and To Hold, Kidderminster

Cake: Made by super talented mum!

Bridesmaids dresses: Stacees

Florist: Jack Haddon

DJ: Apex Sands DJ



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) british wedding dodmoor house wedding jack haddon flowers northamptonshire wedding relaxed sparklers to have and to hold bridal wear winter wedding Thu, 07 Dec 2017 19:56:06 GMT
Faye and Matthew How on Earth do you plan a wedding in 6 weeks time, especially when you had in your head two years?! Faye and Matthew did the most amazing job bringing together friends and family for their special day, without a detail being missed. I met up with the pair only 6 weeks ago and was astounded when they told me when their wedding was taking place. With so much to do, alongside being full time primary school teachers, their friends and family rallied around to help them achieve the day of their dreams. Even the school got involved to ensure they could have the day they wanted.

When I arrived at Whittlebury, I was blown away with the thought and effort that went into every single detail, honestly it looked like this wedding had indeed been planned for years rather than a few weeks.

I always enjoy coming to The Orangery, the staff are amazing at keeping the day running smoothly, and with Lincoln the incredible toastmaster on board to keep everyone on their toes, the day just flew by in a whirl of happiness, love, smiles, and emotions.

Before I knew it, the moon was high in the sky and I was excited to go out and have a play with some camera work, with videographer Matthew on hand to bounce ideas off of, we had a really great time with sparklers, torches, and lots of running around! My favourite part was definitely the sparkler shot we did at the end of the evening, everyone was so excited, bouncing about as it was really cold out! ! I left everyone on such a high, and I am certain the rest of the evening was a corker!

These two were amazing on the day- I was honoured to have been there. x




Thanks to:

Venue: The Orangery Whittlebury Hall, thanks to Jonathan for making the day run so smoothly

Master of Ceremony and Pianist: Lincoln Noel

Videographer: Matthew at FizzyJelly Films

Hair: Laura

Cake: Hockely's Cakes

Florist: Secret garden

Magician: James Docherty

Ice Cream Cart: Elsie's Ice



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Emma and Stuart My first time at Dodford Manor. I arrived to a grand sweeping long drive, with beautiful countryside surrounding me. It was very quiet when I pulled up outside the stone barns and I wasn't sure if there was anyone around! But then I found the girls, drinking bubbles and getting beautified for an amazing day.

Emma was amazingly calm, and optimistic on the weather. Not long after, the skies opened and it just poured and poured. And then... sunshine. Glorious warm sunshine just in time for the arrival for the first guests!

The ceremony was beautiful, full of big smiles, laughs, and twinkly eyes. We quickly darted outside to make the most of the weather as the clouds were so dark and ominous, such a gorgeous backdrop. The temperature plummeted quickly, but it wasn't long before we were back inside and then time for some glorious hot food.

Dancing later was amazing, and the Ceilidh band got everyone involved for some hilarious moments.

It was a super day, I was so thankful to have been a part of it. Dodford is simply stunning, and the perfect choice for such a wonderful couple.



Thanks to:

Venue: Dodford Manor

Cake: Emma's super talented Aunty Barbara and friend Sharon

Dress: Burr Bridal, Cambridge. "Sophia Tolli design"

Bridesmaids dresses: Burr Bridal, Cambridge

Flowers: Jade Flower Boutique

Band: Mango Acoustic (ceremony), Ceilidh band (evening)

MakeUp: Beauty by Roxanne

Hair: Haywardlane Salon




(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) beauty by roxanne british wedding ceilidh band countryside wedding dodford manor lauraophotography mango acoustic northamptonshire Tue, 26 Sep 2017 19:26:57 GMT
Kate and Lee I instantly liked Kate and Lee. Kate was bursting with excitement as she told me the details of her wedding, and I fell in love as I listened. I got the thumbs up from their little pooch Buzz, and loved how Kate was always in touch sending me little messages and photos leading up to their big day. I felt such a connection with them, and knew their wedding day was going to be super special, not just from a photography view, but I felt we had developed a friendship over the months and I really felt a part of it all.

On the day, the sun was out though we had had SO much rain recently that it was a bit soggy out. Kate's love of the outdoors and her woodland theme meant that no rain or wet was going to stop us from utilising the outdoors as much as possible, including hanging that dress outside. With her lovely bridesmaid on hand to help, I teetered on my little ladder to find the perfect tree that wasn't too wet. Kate had packed her wellies so there was nothing that was going to stop us later on. And just as well, as it actually poured with rain during the church ceremony! There was even thunder! But timing is everything, and when the doors opened, beautiful sunshine streamed in.

There was so much thought and planning into all the little details. Kate and Lee had done a lot themselves, and everything fit together perfectly. The colours tied in like a dream; feathers, delicate water colour table settings, exquisite blooms, fairy lights, rustic doors, it was all magic.

Kate and Lee were just immensely relaxed about their day. Their love for all their guests shone brightly for the duration. I felt so at home with everyone there, and had just the most loveliest day ever. Being back at Plum Park was wonderful, the staff are just the nicest bunch ever.

I know Kate and Lee have been having an amazing honeymoon (I've been getting all the pics!), and I can't wait to hear about the next stage in their lives together. A beautiful day for such a beautiful, caring, fun couple. You both are amazing. xx


With thanks to:

Venue: Plum Park

Dress: 'Amelie' Ronald Fayre, Ivory and Lace Bridal

Florist: Lee's talented sister, Faye

Cake: Jamie Bakes Cakes

Hair: Lauren Heyfield

Makeup: Hannah Rafferty

Band: Soul Front Band

Toastmaster: Richard Heywood

Pear Tree Weddings Cambervan

Videographer: Danny Reed



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) ivory and lace bridal jamie bakes cakes lauraophotography northampton wedding pear tree weddings plum park soul front band towcester wedding campervan Tue, 19 Sep 2017 18:33:48 GMT
Alex and Daz I first met Alex and Daz two years ago at her sister Justine's wedding. It was a wonderful day to be a part of and their family were so lovely.  I was overjoyed when Alex got in touch last year and excitedly told me about their upcoming wedding at Dodmoor House this year! I did a little clap of the hands, oh yes. 

Arriving super early to create a tower of sticky, sugary, finger lickin' good Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the girls arrived hair all done up, wearing super cute matching dressing gowns. I had the biggest hug from Justine followed by Alex, and I was just immensely excited to be there. 

Working with Molly again was wonderful, and seeing the family was so welcoming, I felt so at ease and enjoyed the day so much, I felt very much a part of the excitement as the day unfolded. The emotions ran high throughout the day starting with Alex's dad seeing her in her beautiful lace gown. Then Daz not being able to keep it together when he saw Alex walking down the aisle towards him. We all got misty eyed watching the two hold hands and declare their love for each other in front of us all. 

Being a converse lover, I was in awe of the custom made bridal shoes by converse, and loved that the bridesmaids had a pair too. Justine's little one had the same ones I did! (though mine were slightly larger...!). There were some torrential showers, but we caught some magical sun in the evening. 

Armed with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts I happily drove home thinking about what an amazing day it had been, how we had caught some amazing moments in the evening sun, and about the holiday I would be getting up for in just 5 hours! A super end to the start of my summer holidays! Thanks for an amazing day xx

With thanks to:

Venue: Dodmoor House

Bride's shoes: Converse

Bridesmaid's dresses: Little Mistress

Bride's dress: A Bride's World, Northampton

Videographer: Molly Lewis

Florist: Green Room Flowers

Cake: Krispy Kreme




(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) a brides world converse bridal shoes dodmoor house wedding green room flowers krispy kreme cake krispy kreme wedding tower lauraophotography little mistress molly jane lewis video northamptonshire Wed, 06 Sep 2017 18:37:21 GMT
Amber and Joe The laughter did not stop on Amber and Joe's wedding. I arrived at one of my fave venues to find preparations in full swing. I could hear the girls giggling and music playing as I walked up the beautiful staircase to the bridal prep room. All my girls were having such a ball chatting, laughing, eating, drinking. Amber was in her element and absolutely loving every single moment of her most amazing day. I was delighted to see two other familiar faces there, Chloe doing all the girls make up, and her sister Jen, one of Amber's bridesmaids. I photographed their mum's wedding a few years ago! All the girls looked absolutely stunning and it was an 'aaahhhhh' moment when they put their minty green bridesmaids dresses on. 

Amber's mum arrived overjoyed to see both her daughters looking so gorgeous, and got misty eyed seeing Amber in her dress, which I completely adored. I also had a La Sposa gown for my wedding! Good taste ;) Her sister Clarissa was so excited and watching the two girls together was really sweet as they joked, laughed, and cried (Amber kept telling her off as she didn't want her makeup smudged). Joe had delivered the most unusual gift I have ever seen for his bride to be, and sent everyone into and emotional spin as Amber unwrapped a beautiful, hand picked rose that had been preserved in platinum! I mean, wow! (She found a keeper there...!). 

Half of Amber's family are from Italy, so it was just brilliant being a fly on the wall and listening to them all catch up and chatter in their home tongue. Joe even did a speech in Italian which must have been moving as they all shed a tear. 

The day was just perfect. I know I always say it, but it's so true. I loved it all. The staff as usual were brilliant at Plum Park, and there was nothing too big an ask for any of us to make the day go smoothly. Everyone was just non stop laughing, smiling, hugging, it was just such a happy day to be a part of. Amber and Joe are so well suited together, they are perfect. It was a proud day for both families to be united together. 

I wish these two, and all their loved ones, such happy times ahead. Thank you for having me capture some special memories. Some of my faves xx




With thanks to:

Dress: George James Bridal, Bedford. La Sposa Gown

Bridesmaid's dresses: Little Mistress

Venue: Plum Park, Towcester

Cake: Hockleys

Florist: Lorraine Allison

Make up: Chloe Machon

Hair: Samantha Winkel



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) cake fields fun george james bridal hockleys cakes italian wedding la sposa lace lauraophotography little mistress lorraine allison married' milton keynes northamptonshire wedding plum park hotel roses towcester wedding day Wed, 23 Aug 2017 16:30:25 GMT
Rebecca and Mike Rebecca and Mike's wedding day was just full of excitement at the Orangery in Whittlebury Hall.  Their gorgeous daughters were buzzing around like little fairies, their eldest, Seren, kept asking, is it time? Is it time?! She just couldn't wait a moment longer to watch her beautiful mummy walk down the aisle looking absolutely stunning. Rebecca was amazingly calm for the majority of the morning! Nerves started to kick in moments before the ceremony, and everyone downstairs was desperately trying to get a sneak peak of Rebecca as she walked down the stairs before reaching the aisle. The day was bursting with bright sunshine and after the ceremony everyone was overjoyed to be soaking up the rays and having some drinks.  

Becky told me before the wedding they had hired secret singing waiters to entertain after the main course. No one else knew anything about this. So after meeting the two waiters earlier on, I couldn't help but smile when I saw them serving canapés to the unknowing guests. The day flew by in a blur and speeches were upon us, always one of my favourite moments of a wedding. They were very moving, paying tribute to those loved ones who couldn't be there but were thought of. Mike's best man Danny gave a brilliant hilarious speech that had everyone crying with laughter and holding their sides with bellyache! 

Shortly after food was eaten, one of the secret waiters came in carrying a platter. He then went flying (all part of the act), and everyone's eyes grew wide as they gasped looking at this poor guy sprawled on the floor! He quickly jumped up to apologise, grabbed the mike, and then.... started singing! On the chairs, on the tables, grabbing guests up to dance. It was so entertaining and the first time I had ever seen a performance like it. At one point everyone was up in two conga lines, snaking their way out of the dining room, outside, on the dance floor, and back in again. The finale was perfect with the guests all swinging their napkins high in the air before throwing them up to the ceiling.

The evening continued to be amazing, with confetti canisters, and an excellent live set performed by the happy couples friend and his band called Bandsubstance.

A gorgeous, fun day to be a part of. I was so thankful to have been there to witness it all! It was incredibly hard choosing just a few favourites to share... xx


With thanks to:

Hair: Coppers Hair, Newport Pagnell

Makeup: Sarah Evans Makeup

Dress: The Ivory Wardrobe, Woburn

Grooms attire:  Suitors, Buckingham

Venue: The Orangery, Whittlebury

Cake: Hockleys Cakes

Florist: The Secret Garden, East Hunsbury

Singing Waiters: Secret Silver Service

Band: bandsubstance



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) hockleys cakes lauraophotography sarah evans makeup secret silver service waiters the ivory wardrobe woburn the orangery the secret garden wedding day whittlebury hall Wed, 09 Aug 2017 18:05:24 GMT
Michele and Michael I love it when two families come together. Michele and Michael's wedding was wonderful to witness, seeing two people so completely in love is something to treasure. Michele walked down the aisle followed by her two gorgeous daughters, all so full of happiness. 

The clouds gathered overhead and the rain came just after the ceremony. But inside, everyone was just bursting with joy! The rain ceased towards the end of the wedding breakfast so I gleefully grabbed the happy couple for some photos outside. Michele's dress was absolutely stunning and elegant, and I suggested she changed her shoes as I had spied a little woods which was really super muddy, but so worth the squelching. It was wonderful being able to make the most of being outside with all the beautiful vibrant foliage. 

I know Michele and Michael will have a lifetime of happiness together. It was clear to see by the way they looked at each other how very much in love they are, they have found their soulmate in each other. x

Thanks to:

Venue: Pavenham Park Golf Club

Cake: Trudy Arden Cakes

Dress: Michael Bailey

Bridesmaids dresses: Boom Boom The Label

Groom's attire: Calvin Klein

Flowers: Greycoult Florists, Kempston



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) boom boom the label calvin klein lauraophotography pavenham park golf rainy wedding Tue, 01 Aug 2017 17:46:25 GMT
Helen and Steve What could be more perfect than a beautiful wedding? A family wedding! I have been counting down the days until David's cousin Helen got married to Steve. I knew it was going to be a fabulous day, spending time with the people I love, doing the job that I love, seeing everyone so happy. It was just perfect. Helen and Steve had a quiet marriage ceremony the day before, and the next day had their blessing at their family church. When Helen was getting ready she said she felt so nervous even though they were married! It was a big day for them both, and for all their friends and family to witness the vows they had made for each other.

I was an emotional wreck when I saw Helen's dress, it was gorgeous. And I have always admired David's Aunties garden so I was just itching to get outside with the dress and all the other little bits. Just in time before the rain too, which was unexpected and persisted! I was just happy to see such smiling faces as I arrived at the church, and Steve was beaming at everyone as they entered. 

It was so strange seeing my little ones there, all giddy and squealing with glee when they saw me. And I cried when I saw my beautiful niece as she arrived looking about 10 years older. I seriously couldn't keep myself together! The church was magnificent inside, and Helen's beautiful angelic, but strong, voice filled the room as we sang the hymns. It was a wonderful service. We didn't spend long outside as it was still raining, but thankfully by the time we got to Boston Park for the photos the sun had come back out again! Shooting here was magic, it's just opposite the house so we have often gone across here with the kids and enjoyed lazy days. It was the perfect place for photos.

The reception was at the George IV pub, which was actually pretty amazing! We were bowled over with the eccentric function room which didn't need anything adding to it as it was so beautiful and full of character. Helen's friend made the most amazing cake, and then made a surprise RD2D cake for Steve. Helen whipped out personalised converse trainers for her bridal party, including little pageboy Finlay. 

It was a beautiful, emotional day. I was so happy to be able to share it and take photos too, I couldn't put the camera down. I just wanted to capture it all for Helen and Steve. I did eventually put it down and enjoyed some moves on the dance floor, and silly faces in the photobooth!

Helen and Steve, I love you guys and hope you love the photos xx




Thanks to:


Cake: Averil Sweeny

Venue: George IV 

Aimee's dress: Monsoon

Personalised Converse:

Photobooth: Krazy Photobooths

Band: Brendan Cleary

Car: Eros Wedding Cars

Make up: Karen Muttitt (

Hair: Harmony & Beauty

DJ: John Timms, JJ Entertainments




(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) boston manor park brentford family wedding lauraophotography london wedding st faiths church Mon, 24 Jul 2017 17:41:57 GMT
Leanne and Simon I first met Leanne in Costa Coffee and liked her instantly. She wanted a low key wedding photographer, and explained how their wedding was more about those that they loved rather than the two of them. I totally got it. But I also suggested an engagement shoot and I could see her cringe, but she could see it being a good idea. When I met Simon and Leanne at her dad's amazing farm set in the rural countryside I was in my element with the light and the location. Nerves quickly went away as we chased away cows (or rather they chased me!), and climbed high wobbly walls and the nervous pair had forgotten all about my camera. So on the wedding day Leanne was more than happy for me to snap away. And what a day. The skies were blue. Blue blue blue! Thunderstorms were scheduled but we all said PAH to those, and so true as they stayed away. 

Everyone as chilling out at the family farm, with Leanne's brother and family visiting from Australia. Leanne was super calm, and so incredibly funny. I enjoyed watching them and listening to them banter as they got ready. An old mustang arrived to pick Leanne up arranged by her dad which was awesome. 

I arrived at the beautiful Dodmoor House and Carolyn the host was just out of this world at being helpful for everyone. She showed me around and each room just got better and better. I was delighted by the beauty of this place, and all the outside spaces to explore later on. 

Everyone enjoyed drinks in the sun while lazy bumble bees floated around the lavendar, and before we knew it it was show time!

The bridesmaids hadn't seen Leanne in her dress, so I asked them to all turn their backs and wait for her to come out. My god I was crying watching the emotions between them all. Not a dry eye as they all saw each other and realised the enormity of the day. It was beautiful. 

The ceremony was just wonderful, and Leanne's gorgeous little niece wouldn't be parted from her Auntie. It was the cutest thing. 

The day unfolded into something wonderful. It was just such a super day. I loved being there. I felt so happy and privileged to be part of something so special. The love and bond between Leanne and Simon was magic, and the family united together was moving. They all had so much love for each other. Leanne and Simon had been together for 13 years before getting married, so it was long awaited and received with open arms from everyone. The naked cake was gorgeous and I was dancing a little when they wanted to cut it outside, along with having the first dance with the live band in the courtyard. It was all a fairytale and such a perfect summer's wedding. I cried saying goodbye to all her family as they were all just such sincere loving people. One to remember. My love and happiness to them all xx


Thanks to:

Cake: The Cakery Leamington Spa

Bride's dress: Mabel and Maud

Groom's attire: Moss Bros

Bridesmaid's dresses: Coast

Flowers: Green Room Flowers

Makeup: Bryony Dalton

Band: Paper Street Soap Company

DJ: Scott Grainger

Amy's Vintage Teas

Vicky : HairPlay Daventry




(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) dodmoor house mabel and maud northampton wedding stella york dress the cakery leamington Mon, 17 Jul 2017 17:30:00 GMT
Louise & Keith Friday morning I walked into Louise and Keith's house and was greeted with cheers and big smiles from Louise and all her girls getting ready. Louise was on her way out, tiara and all, to grab some bacon sarnies to set them up for the day and was so kind to offer me one. If I hadn't had stuffed my face before I left I would have definitely obliged! I just loved how calm and chilled she was, and still thinking about everyone else on her big day. 

Her twin nieces (identical!) were so excited and couldn't wait to have their hair and makeup done. They were adorable and I was useless at remembering who was who! Once in their dresses I wasn't the only one struggling to tell them apart! It was all laughs and happy moments.

I arrived at the venue with stormy clouds looming but found Keith in high spirits and it was clear to see how excited he was to see Louise. The ceremony was beautiful and Louise had an incredibly infectious laugh which had the room laughing. I had a surprise too when I saw one of my past brides as the registrar! I did a little happy dance.

We all went onto the golf course for some photos and again everyone enjoying every moment of the wedding, then myself, Louise and Keith were driven around on the golf buggy for a bit of exploring for some gorgeous photo opportunities!

It was a wonderful day, and I was so happy to have been a part of it. Everyone was so welcoming and happy, and it was beautiful seeing Louise and Keith surrounded by so much love and happiness. And it stayed dry! Those stormy clouds waited until my very last group photo in the evening and on my way home at 9pm the heavens opened and it did make me smile! How lucky were we?!

Some of my faves from the day xx



Thanks to:

Venue: Abbey Hill Golf Course (big thanks to Ryan for driving us around!)

Cake: Made by friend Michelle

Bride's dress: Wed2B

Charms made especially for bride to hang on dress by Etsy

Groom's attire: Fogarty Leighton Buzzard

Flowers: Silk flowers made by Sarah's Flowers









(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) abbey hill golf club golf club wedding lauraophotography milton keynes photography relaxed wedding Tue, 11 Jul 2017 18:43:20 GMT
Roxanne and Dean What a gorgeously sunny day on Roxanne and Dean's wedding. Those skies were SO blue, and it was warm, and wow just felt like summer had arrived!! I hadn't visited the Orangery at Whittlebury Hall for ages so it was really nice to be back and see the same lovely pianist still keeping everyone on their toes with his alternative music scripts! Roxanne looked amazing as she was getting ready, and the colour of the bridesmaids dresses was so soft and in keeping with the floral theme.

I got on really well with Roxanne's dad who also does photography and I LOVE talking photography. He has done some awesome work (see his website! link at bottom!). I also noticed quite a few nice cameras so I was kept on my toes!

The boys looked dapper in their gorgeous blue suits and they all enjoyed a nice cold beer before the ceremony to calm some nerves! The ceremony was beautiful, the decor was stunning and there were lots of laughs and big smiles After, everyone eagerly made their way outside to soak in all those glorious sun rays. It was such a beautiful afternoon for a wedding. I left them all shortly after to enjoy copious amounts of wonderful food, drink, and company. xx







With thanks to:

Wedding dress: Stella York from Gowns and Garters Thrapston

Florist: The Secret Garden

Bridesmaids dresses: Ann's Bridal Room Leighton Buzzard

Cake: Jamie Bakes Cakes

Scott Carruthers Photography- Roxanne's dad

Men's attire: Ted Baker





(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) buckinghamshire wedding lauraophotography orangery summer wedding whittlebury hall wedding Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:43:07 GMT
Charlotte and Jon I'm so excited to share this wedding with you all. It's gorgeous. When I met Charlotte and Jon I instantly liked them. Charlotte told me about their 'afternoon tea' themed wedding to be held at her dad's amazing house in Woburn and I was like, yeah I need to be there! The house was originally on the market but Charlotte and Jon loved it so much they persuaded her dad to take it off for one final send off! And what a hell of a party it was too! The entire day was filled with light, soft pastels, beautiful flowers, huge beaming smiles, perfection!

The girls got ready at Charlotte's sisters house and it was like the inside of a magazine with the rooms beautifully decorated, the bridesmaids already looking beautiful, everyone was calm and incredibly excited. I felt like I had walked onto a film set.

The church was equally as beautiful. Charlotte and Jon had a brilliant ceremony, the vicar was top man and so relaxed and funny, he was wonderful to work with. We then spilled out into the beautiful summer's day to capture some amazing moments at my favourite place. I adore this space and use it for a lot of my engagement shoots, as the colours are amazing, the river and the trees are all just wow. I happily skipped along with Charlotte and Jon in tow and they were happy to just go with the flow, it was perfect.

Charlotte had told me what the house would be like but when I arrived my eyes must have doubled in size and my face lit up. It was like a fairytale. Fairy lights strung around trees, draped across archways, and the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.  Bright purple Alliums bursting through and all sorts of other flowers I can't even name. Out came beautiful cakes and sandwiches on platters, with gorgeous bone china tea cups and saucers. It truly was beautiful.

I'm so in love with this wedding. I loved it all. A dream wedding... and a dream couple. xx



With thanks to:

Wedding dress: Verona Couture, Olney

Corsages: Frost Garden Centre

Bouquet: Made by friends and family

Flowers in church and garden: Ramona and Jon's mum

Tent hire: Stretch Tent Company, Broughton

Caterers: Sharnie Jamieson 07850 245 472

Bridesmaids dresses:

Hair: Rachel Sears

Bridesmaids makeup: Just 4 You Beauty in Wakefield Lodge Estate, Towcester

Cake: Lilibet Bakes









(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) afternoon tea wedding country wedding lauraophotography newport pagnell river relaxed rustic wedding st peters st pauls tea party woburn Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:58:03 GMT
Not so little 9 year old... I can't believe this year will mean I've been a mum for 9 years. I've raised a little tiny baby into a beautiful little person. Wait, what? I look at Isabelle and I see a reflection of myself and David, what we have created.  And then I see so much more than we could have ever imagined. 
I see this amazingly talented young girl. No longer a little girl, she's sort of in between being little and not so little. She's always been this bouncing bright light that never tires, always wanting to please, always always seeing those rainbows and having that innocence I want to preserve forever.

Isabelle. She can sleep through a hurricane and eat her way through a family pack of weetabix in a week. For someone so tiny she's a powerhouse. She's also the most care free person I know. If I could see into the future I'd see her with a backpack across her tanned toned shoulders, hair pulled up in a whispy bun, an assortment of clothes that on the shelf have no style or purpose but on her look amazingly cool, as she travels across the globe picking up stories and creating her own. Whether she does this or not doesn't matter, I know she will be happy and follow her wild heart. 

She currently works her perfect little peachy butt off hurtling down the track in her elite tumbling squad which she has only been apart of 9 months and yet the skills she has accomplished are those worth several years of training.  I squirm behind parted fingers as she leaps into the air and does some crazy hands free round off followed by 6 flicks and lands perfectly. Or sometimes doesnt. Sometimes she gets hurt and that motherly instinct to rush to her and wrap her in bubble wrap is overpowering. She's pushed hard and sometimes that's tough on her, but she's always determined to go back the next session and nail it. When she's not training what feels like every spare hour of the week she's trying flicks and whips on the trampoline or cartwheeling from A to B, inside, outside, in the shops, it doesn't matter where. She's always on the move. And yet this bustling busy bee can sit for hours beautifully and patiently, intricately colouring in those relaxing colouring books you find on most shelves with such calm and serenity it's hard to imagine it's the same person (me and Eloise attempt this and get bored after 5 minutes).

It saddens me in one way that I see the future when I look at her, I see her beauty and her spirit. I know us mums say it so often but sometimes I just want to freeze time. I feel I need a little more time with these few precious years while she is still my little girl and needs me. With my other two dividing my attention Isabelle has wistfully carried on growing and becoming this person and I look up and suddenly see her. I see the demands I ask of her, I hear myself telling her to grow up. And then when I have time to reflect I take it all back.  I want to just pull her close to me on my knee and give her the biggest cuddle I can possibly give and breathe her all in. My amazing little girl who just makes me swell with love, pride and joy. I didn't know it was possible to love so hard until I had children. Even on those days when it's all a bit crap they are my light. 
Isabelle will always be a bright spirit, whatever she decides to do in life I know she will find love and happiness as it just follows her in a glittery cloud.

Happiest of birthdays to date I hope, with a lifetime more to follow



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) 9 beach beach gymnastics birthday flicks free gymnastics lauraophotography nine norfolk on photography spirit the tumble wild Fri, 02 Jun 2017 19:59:01 GMT
Gavin & Jo at Furtho Manor Well these two have just made me so very happy. Saying I loved Jo & Gavin's wedding is just a complete understatement. It was amazing. A-MAZ-ING. The day just was a whirlwind of whimsical lighting, exquisite flowers and bursting with love and joy. On my way to see the girls getting ready, I popped my head into one of my most favourite venues, Furtho Manor, to see what transformation had taken place over the last few days. I was delighted to find Gavin and Jo's brother there doing the finishing touches and my face was just a big 'O' as I saw how amazing the place looked. Carpets, sofas, drapings, FAIRY LIGHTS! Beautiful flowers, little DIY touches. It was wow. Peeping out the window I spied the Tipi where they would be glamping for the night so I of course had to be nosy and wander down to the lake to stick my head through the doors. Even more jaw dropping when I saw a beautiful iron bed, chairs, cushions, tables. Yeah, it was cool beans.

I practically skipped back to my car to head off for Cloud 9 Spa which was completely new to me. I was greeted by an amazing beautifully grand building, and all the girls were upstairs getting ready. Jo was calmly munching through some breakfast, there were cups of tea floating around, beautiful wedding flowers dotted around the room. Jo's dress was a dream, and the couple that own the spa and house were so lovely, continually topping up our hot teas and I was given a tour of their magnificent house and was given permission to use it for photos, so I gleefully found the best spot to show off Jo's dress.

The church was just a few minutes down the road in Potterspury and again I was delighted with the beauty surrounding the place. It was a picturesque country village wedding. Everyone was so excited and happy, giving out lots of hugs and warm wishes. Gavin was so calm as he welcomed all their guests through and his face beamed when he saw Jo coming down the aisle. 

The ceremony was beautiful and afterwards I did a bit of climbing to get the perfect group photo, competing against the ever so loud church bells, brambles and bustling wind but it was worth it!

Arriving back at Furtho everyone was relieved to be in the warm, and every table was given wicker picnic baskets with a feast inside. I even had my own little basket! There was an icecream van and later on a fish and chip van arrived- which I gladly took some hot chips to munch on my way home.

Jo and Gavin were a dream to work with, and we had such fun in the fields and walking along the lake. And that veil... I might bring one along to all my weddings as I just fell in love with how beautifully it danced in the wind. It was mesmerising! Gavin & Jo are just so thoughtful, chilled, and just a very genuine, honest, happy couple.

I'm so honoured to have been a part of this wedding; it was truly brilliant and I was left buzzing for days. Congrats Mr & Mrs Kennedy! xx





Special thanks to:


Dress: Anne's Bridal, Leighton Buzzard

Flowers: Georgianna @ Jades Flower Boutique

Cake: Jo's mum, Sandra

Venue: Furtho Manor

Bridesmaid's dresses: A Bride's World, Northampton

Magician: Adrian Ward

Icecream: Cafe express MK

Fish and Chip Van

Camping Tent Hire: Brook Bell Tents

Hair & Makeup: Cloud 9 Spa

Car: Morris Minor Convertible


Bar/Marquee: McGees



(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) DIY wedding buckinghamshire wedding photographer furtho manor farm glamping lauraophotography milton keynes relaxed photography| rustic wedding Fri, 12 May 2017 18:52:59 GMT
Dani & Ross I was silly excited to get cracking on this year's wedding season, and starting off with such a fun couple Dani and Ross with their happy bright yellow and grey themed wedding! I found Dani upstairs at the beautiful Plum Park Hotel undergoing final preparations before the ceremony began! Ross was super cool and calm, and the ceremony was full of laughs and some tears of joy. Dani looked absolutely amazing in her lace detailed gown, and the bridesmaids a beautiful ensemble in their soft grey flowy dresses. 

Jonathon who helped run the day at Plum Park was amazing, I wish I could take him to all my weddings. The day ran so smoothly, everyone had such a great time. After some drinkies I took Dani and Ross and some awesome yellowness in the form of giant balloons, brolly and wellies to find some hot spots, and was giggling as I had an entourage of family following with their cameras. I then spied some blossom which I made a bee line for as it was the perfect setting for such a promising Spring Day!

I had missed being a part of such a special day, with everyone just so incredibly happy it was infectious. I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with everyone and felt so incredibly welcome. Dani and Ross are just such an awesome, lovely, kind couple who were incredibly patient with me. I can't thank them enough for inviting me along to capture their unforgettable day. 

Choosing just a few photos was impossible. So this is my attempt at narrowing down my favourites from their beautiful day! xx




With thanks to:

Venue: Plum Park

Cake: Made by Ross's super talented parents Nicole & Colin

wedding dress: Bride2B

Bridesmaids dresses: Dorothy Perkins

Groom's attire: Ben Sherman

Wedding Flowers: Woburn Wedding Flowers





(LAURAOPHOTOGRAPHY ♥) lauraophotography plum park wedding spring wedding woburn wedding flowers yellow and grey wedding Tue, 21 Mar 2017 20:34:29 GMT